The undercurrent of the Spring Festival is surging: the competition pattern of “Watergate Bridge” airborne has changed greatly.

Original title: The undercurrent of the Spring Festival stalls: the competition pattern of “Water Gate Bridge” airborne has changed greatly

Our reporter Xie Ruolin

On January 13, the sequel of “Changjin Lake”, “Changjin Lake’s Water Gate Bridge” (hereinafter referred to as “Water Gate Bridge”), officially announced that it will be airborne on the first day of the new year in 2022. .

There will be 11 movies released in the Spring Festival. According to the data of the lighthouse professional version, as of 17:00 on January 13, according to the popularity ranking of “want to watch” audiences, the top five are “Miracle · Stupid Child” ( 540,000), “The Four Seas” (329,000), “Water Gate Bridge” (292,000), “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’s Basket Out of the Future” (143,000) and “Sniper” (132,000).

After “Watergate Bridge” was finalized, the real-time “want to watch” popularity rose rapidly, with an increase of more than 70,000 people in a single day. “If nothing else, “Watergate Bridge” will eventually become the first and second player in the Spring Festival.” An analyst at a securities company in the film and television industry told the “Securities Daily” reporter.

  11 movies are among the Spring Festival stalls

The Spring Festival stalls have always been a battleground for filmmakers. Going back to 2018, 2019, and 2021 (2020 canceled due to the epidemic), the box office was 5.771 billion yuan, 5.905 billion yuan, and 7.843 billion yuan, accounting for 9.5%, 9.2%, and 16.67% of the total box office ratios at that time.

Many super blockbusters often come from Spring Festival archives, such as “Detective Chinatown 2” (2018) with a total box office of 3.398 billion yuan, “The Wandering Earth” (2019) with a total box office of 4.688 billion yuan, and “You” with a total box office of 5.414 billion yuan. Well, Lee Hwan-young” (2021).

According to the data, there are 11 movies scheduled for the Spring Festival in 2022. In addition to “Water Gate Bridge”, the other 10 are “Miracle, Stupid Child”, “The Four Seas”, “Sniper”, and “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’s Basket Out of the Future”. “This Killer Is Not Too Calm”, “My Heart Is Flying”, “Bear Haunts Return to Earth”, “Little Hudun’s New Year’s Eve”, “I Am a Tyrannosaurus Rex”, and “Jurassic Paradise”.

In the face of the “most crowded” Spring Festival stalls, there are already people who want to withdraw. On January 5, the happy twist comedy film “Super Family” was suddenly withdrawn, and the animated film “Cherry Maruko: Fantasy Notes” followed. Although the film party stated that the reason for the withdrawal was “the huge amount of post-production work of the film and the inability to complete all the production work on time”, there are still people in the industry who believe that the move is to make way for “Watergate Bridge”.

Zhang Rongdi, an industry analyst at the Lighthouse Research Institute, told the “Securities Daily” reporter, “After the official announcement of “Watergate Bridge”, there may be a super-head (movie) in the Spring Festival in 2022, and the box office performance is likely to continue the pattern in 2021. That is, super-head films can occupy nearly half of the box office of the schedule.”

In 2021, 7 films will be released during the Spring Festival, with a total of 7.843 billion yuan at the box office. Among them, the top two films “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Hello, Li Huanying” accounted for more than 80% of the box office revenue. Except for these two films, the box office of the remaining films did not even exceed 1 billion yuan.

  Hundreds of film companies entered the game

There are hundreds of companies behind the films released during the Spring Festival, almost all the first-tier domestic production companies. Among the three films with the most attention, “Changjin Lake” is produced by Bona Films,Chinese filmShanghai Film(Group), Alibaba Pictures, Chinese People’s Liberation Army Bayi Film Studio and other 8 companies; “Miracle Stupid Child” starring Yi Yangqianxi and directed by Wen Muye is produced by Bad Monkey, China Film, Alibaba Pictures, Wanda It is produced by 8 companies including film and television; The Four Seas, directed by Han Han and starring Liu Haoran, is produced by 4 companies including Tingdong Pictures and Ali Pictures.

Zhang Rongdi said that in terms of the user composition of “want to watch”, “Watergate Bridge” is in a “war zone”, with a high proportion of male users and users over 25 years old, which overlaps with the user group of the war film “Sniper” directed by Zhang Yimou; “The proportion of gender and age of users is close to the median line, which overlaps with the audience of “This Killer Is Not Too Calm”; and among the audiences who “want to watch” “Miracle: Stupid Child”, young women account for a higher proportion.

“In addition, the competition for animated films in this year’s Spring Festival is particularly fierce, with as many as 5 films, including the new works of the two major children’s IPs “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” and “Bear Infested”. In terms of user composition, compared with “Pleasant Goat”, “Pleasant Goat” “The Bears” will be more family-oriented.” Zhang Rongdi thinks.

“Irrespective of emergencies such as repeated epidemics, this year’s Spring Festival movies are comprehensive in terms of subject matter and genre, and can cover most moviegoers.” The above-mentioned brokerage analyst told reporters, “The sequels of popular IPs are often It is easier to gain market attention, which has been proven by Hollywood practice, so “Watergate Bridge” is a well-deserved hit in the Spring Festival stalls, and the box office pattern of the Spring Festival stalls is likely to evolve from ‘many powers competing for hegemony’ to “one superpower, many powers”. For other films, the key to breaking through is quality. Now word-of-mouth spreads so quickly, it’s hard to bury a good film.”

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