The United States announces additional military aid to Ukraine due to concerns about stock shortages – BBC News

6 hours ago

By Yaroslav Luchiv BBC News

photo provided, Getty Images

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Ukrainian artillery stockpiles may be dangerously low, according to US media reports. The Ukrainian military has not commented on this. Image shows Ukrainian soldiers firing artillery shells

The United States announced on the 3rd that it would provide additional military aid of $400 million (about 54 billion yen) to Ukraine. The aim is to replenish artillery shells and ammunition, which are said to have been depleted due to the fierce fighting with Russia.

US Secretary of State Antony Brinken said the additional support would include rocket artillery from the US Hymers high-mobility rocket artillery system, which is “used very effectively by the Ukraine”, as well as howitzers.

“This military aid package will also include the ‘Hymars’ supplied by the United States, which Ukraine uses very effectively to defend itself, as well as additional ammunition for its howitzers,” he said. Brinken in a statement on the day.


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