The United States designated as another country to observe the exchange rate … 7 countries including China and Japan

Korea, after April 2016, received the grand prize every time except for the first half of 2019
Switzerland again indicates a center of detailed analysis… No country is classified as a currency manipulator.

The US government has maintained its previous policy of designating Korea as a country to observe exchange rates.

The US Treasury Department included seven countries, including South Korea, China, and Japan, as the countries to observe exchange rates in the second half of the exchange rate report released on the 10th (local time).

The target countries also included Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

The United States is classified as a country to observe if it meets two criteria based on three criteria: trade surplus, current account surplus, and intervention in the foreign exchange market, and a detailed analysis country if all three are met.

Korea has been included in the list every time since April 2016, except for the first half of 2019.

Among the countries observed in the June announcement, India, Vietnam and Mexico were excluded this time.

Following the previous report, Switzerland was again named in the Bureau of Detailed Analysis.

No country was classified as a currency manipulator in this report.

According to the Comprehensive Trade Act enacted in 1988, the United States classifies exchange rate manipulators and non-exchange rate manipulators separately.

In addition, in the report, the Ministry of Finance emphasized that China does not disclose foreign exchange intervention data and lacks transparency in the overall exchange rate determination process, and said it will closely monitor related activities.

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