Home World The United States has dropped plans to use bases in South Korea and Japan as a shelter for Afghans.

The United States has dropped plans to use bases in South Korea and Japan as a shelter for Afghans.

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August 24, 2021


The United States has decided to drop the idea of ​​US military bases in South Korea and Japan as temporary shelters for Afghan migrants. After finding a new, better place

Reuters The report cited an insider source as saying: united states decided to give up the idea of ​​using an army base inSouth Korea andJapan The largest overseas US military base is a temporary shelter for Afghan refugees.

“It seems US officials have found a better place. therefore decided to cancel plans to use both of those countries out partly due to transportation and geographic environment,” said one source, asking for anonymity.

Another source said that the governmentSouth Korea had a positive response When the United States first proposed the idea

However, the US State Department did not comment on the issue.

The same news source also stated that South Koreacontinues to work with the United States toevacuatepeopleAfghanAbout 400 people who have worked with South Korean troops and aid workers by taking them to Seoul

Three military aircraft were sent toAfghanistan and neighboring countries to carry out the mission of evacuating this group of Afghan workers

Most of the Afghans are medical personnel, engineers, translators and others who used to help the South Korean military. while stationed there between 2001 and 2014, or participated in reconstruction missions in 2010-2014 which involved medical training. and vocational

“Despite the opposition to accepting these refugees into the country, But these people used to help us. and helping them is a must. on the basis of humanitarian and trust of the international community,” the source said.

plans tolead them toSeoul still full of uncertainty due to the situation inKabul There are now thousands of people waiting for hope at Kabul Airport. to escape fromAfghanistan after the groupTalibantook over the country on Aug 15

United States andallianceAccelerating the evacuation of foreigners and all the fragile Afghans to finish. before the deadline of 31 Aug.


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