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The United States is preparing to open the country to tourists this November!

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Enter only tourists who have received two doses of vaccination. Cross injection is possible.

The White House officially announced The United States will reopen its borders. by allowing only foreign tourists who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 complete two needles into the country Starting from November 8th onwards signaling a new phase of recovery from COVID-19 After closing the country for almost 19 months.

Under new regulations, the United States will only welcome visitors who have been fully vaccinated. Brian Higgins Democratic House of Representatives from New York State Representatives of territories bordering Canada Asked the state’s relevant authorities whether to accept the combination vaccine dose, they said, “Nearly 4 million Canadians, or about 10% of the total vaccinated population. received a combination vaccine This includes the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

So far, there are three U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, without AstraZeneca on the list.

Cross injection can enter the US.

The most recent was 15 Oct. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that opening the country to foreign tourists this time, the United States will accept vaccines licensed for use by US regulators. and the World Health Organization (WHO), including allowing people with cross-injection formulas to enter the country

“While the CDC does not recommend a combination vaccination, But we recognize that this is becoming more common in other countries,” a CDC spokesperson said, adding that anyone who received the two-dose vaccine, regardless of the combination of the U.S. FDA or WHO-approved formulations, would not be able to do so. considered a person who has been fully vaccinated.”

since June this year Vaccines against COVID-19 Those approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) include AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer, Sinopharm, Sinovac.

Open the country in hopes of reviving the economy

US Department of Transportation It said Friday that overall US international air passenger traffic fell 21 percent from pre-epidemic levels and a 43 percent drop in August after the epidemic. outbreak of delta species

The US Tourism Association estimates the number of international visitors has dropped since the coronavirus outbreak. Resulting in a loss of more than 250 billion dollars or about 8.4 trillion baht.

In the past, states and territories depended on tourism revenue. This includes income from visiting relatives and purchasing goods in U.S. border communities. with Canada and Mexico Politicians in those districts and states have sought to ask Biden’s government to lift restrictions in an effort to ease businesses.

senatorKirsten Gillibrand The New York Democrat said the restrictions cost a district in her state at least $660 million a year.

“This opening of the border will be good news for businesses. Countless medical care providers, families and loved ones have traveled across the northern border.”

Can’t inject all of them into the US

previously the United States It used to allow students and drivers from neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico to enter the country. But this new rule Requires both groups to provide proof of vaccination when crossing borders as well. It will come into effect in January next year. U.S. officials reasoned to “give them time to prepare for the new rules”.






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