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The United States issues its first passport. Use the “cross” symbol without gender – fresh news

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The United States issued its first passport – On October 28, the BBC reported that the United States issued the country’s first gender-neutral passport. By using a cross (X) in the gender box, this indicates that the passport holder does not identify as male or female.

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Such passport is issued to Dana Sim Dana Zzyym, 66, a U.S. Navy veteran. and identifying themselves as non-binary, meaning those who do not see their gender as confined to males and females.

Dana Sim filed a lawsuit against the U.S. State Department in 2015 to oppose a passport denial. After the person did not specify the male or female in the passport application documents.

Dana Sim said after receiving the new passport: an exciting time He goes everywhere and says, “Yes, this is who I am,” and that before receiving a new passport, It’s a feeling of being in a prison.

“You were denied your human status. And it’s like I’m not a citizen of this country. because I was denied access. And only criminals and prisoners are not allowed to travel,” Dana Sim said.

However, in June Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has announced that the X will be offered as an option for gender identification on passports. Previously, a medical certificate was required to indicate that The gender is different from the one indicated on the birth certificate.

The U.S. Department of State now allows citizens the choice of identifying a male or female on their passports. And said there were plans to choose a third gender as well. Dozens of countries, including Canada, Germany, Australia and India, now offer a third gender option.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said: “On the occasion of the issuance of this passport, I reiterate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ commitment to promoting the freedom, dignity and equality of all. including LGBTQI+ individuals.”

The move, which is an alternative to third-gender people. It is the latest move on LGBT of US President Joe Biden, who appointed special ambassador Jessica Stern to promote LGBT human rights around the world.

“The new gender designation should reduce harassment. and dehumanizing abuses. which usually occurs at border crossings when a person’s legal documents are inconsistent with their gender expression,” said Jessica Stern.

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