The United States, Japan, Germany, and France also drew attention to North Korea, but I was the only one who kept quiet.[영상]

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In the United Nations General Assembly, the United States, Japan, Germany and France all spoke about the issue of North Korea and urged the attention of the international community, while South Korea, the real party, kept silent, causing mixed interpretations.

In his speech at the 77th United Nations General Assembly held in New York on the 20th (local time), President Yoon Seok-yeol emphasized freedom and unity as a solution to the crisis facing the international community, but we he mentioned at all about North Korea or his. nuclear program.

It was quite different from the previous presidents’ attempts to wake up international public opinion in some way by discussing the Korean Peninsula issue at the top of the diplomatic stage at the United Nations.

Furthermore, it was expected that this would be a natural step to inform the international community of the ‘bold initiative’, an ambitious proposal for North Korea, and pressure North Korea to accept it.

A high-ranking official from the presidential office said, “The message to North Korea is already in a position where there is nothing else to add or subtract by the bold announcement of the initiative.” There will be some things that can be done,” he said.

However, this explanation is difficult to understand in a situation where North Korea has made its intention to refuse denuclearization clearer with the recent enactment of nuclear power legislation, and it is expected to be emphasized on the UN platform as well.

Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies, said, “It is unfortunate that it would have been better if it contained a message to warn against the formation of a new Cold War structure on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia, by express concerns about the insolvency of the UN Security Council and the ineffectiveness of the North Korean nuclear solution due to the unification between camps.”, he noted.

US President Joe Biden.  random newsUS President Joe Biden. random news
Contrary to the stance of the South Korean government, US President Joe Biden, in his speech to the United Nations on the 21st, directly addressed North Korea, saying, “Despite our efforts to initiate serious and sustained diplomacy, North Korea continues to blatantly violate the United Nations. sanctions.”

Although it was mentioned in the context of talking about the nuclear threat from Russia and China and emphasizing the strengthening of the non-proliferation regime, it has raised international interest in some way.

After the Biden administration took office, the priorities of the Korean Peninsula issue seemed to be pushed back, but for this time, it returned to the focus of attention.

Japan, which has put strong pressure on North Korea through close cooperation with the United States, also showed a different attitude at the UN General Assembly.

Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida.  random newsPrime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida. random news
In a speech to the United Nations on the 20th, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida proposed an ‘unconditional meeting’ with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, mentioning that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the North Korea-Japan Pyongyang Declaration.

The North Korea-Japan Pyongyang Declaration refers to the agreement that Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited North Korea in September 2002 to improve relations between the two countries with Chairman Kim Jong-il.

Japan has already moved much more nimbly than Korea, when the then deputy prime minister, Shin Kanemaru, visited North Korea in a blitz with a member of the opposition socialist party, and issued a three-party statement with President Kim Il-sung in 1990.

As you can see from the fact that China-Japan diplomatic relations have been established faster than US-China relations, Japan refuses to be associated with the US-Japan alliance and is constantly trying to expand its diplomatic space by exercising its own autonomy.

French President Emmanuel Macron.  random newsFrench President Emmanuel Macron. random news

Even Germany and France, who have a lot of direct interest in the Korean Peninsula, did not forget to mention the issue of North Korea.

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, said in a speech to the United Nations that “we must pay attention and act in the camps and prisons in North Korea, Syria or Belarus, where hundreds of thousands of people have to suffer oppression and torture.”

In addition to issues such as climate change and infectious diseases, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, proposed as a task for the international community to solve, saying, “The issue of nuclear proliferation of Iran and North Korea, which we have not stopped, remains a threat. ”

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