The United States was hit by two missiles fired by Pyongyang this morning as the American aircraft carrier USS Nimitz entered Busan.

AP / AGENCY – South Korea said it had detected that North Korea had fired two short-range missiles this morning. March) east of the Korean Peninsula. Still showing military potential for the US, 1 day before welcoming a visit to the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz with a squadron of attack ships, preparing to enter Busan for a new round of combat exercises A group calling for justice for the American student Otto Warmbier, who was killed in torture in North Korea, has protested against Pyongyang’s diplomats outside the United Nations building in New York.

The AP said today (March 27) that South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the JCS, said in a statement on Monday. Two SRBM short range missiles were discovered this morning.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency. Chunghwa district in North Hwanghae province happened between 7:47 am and 8:00 am

The missile flew about 370 km before crashing into the sea.

However, the Japanese Army reported that it was found to be an unusual firing angle and climbed to an altitude of 31 km before falling outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Tokyo has previously spoken about North Korea’s solid-fuel missiles which appear to be replicas of Russia’s Iskander mobile missile system, designed to launch at low altitude with the aim of breaking through South Korea’s missile system

The latest test launch comes just before the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier squadron, with its attached attack ships, arrives in Busan, which Seoul says is for a joint exercise with South Korean warships in its territorial waters near Universal Island Jeju (Jeju) which will start from April 3 to arrive.

The AP reported that North Korea has fired at least 20 missiles and 11 cruise missiles this year in an attempt to force the United States to accept its nuclear status and begin negotiations to lift sanctions.

North Korea’s military capabilities Yonhap news agency reported that JCS noted that the assessment found that the North’s earlier claims of testing underwater nuclear attack drones may have been mere bragging. He noted that development is still in its early stages.

In the threat, Pyongyang claimed the drone is effective in stealthy underwater attacks and can sustain widespread radioactive tsunamis after being tested off the coast of South Hamgyong Province on March 21 and images released on March 24. .c

Fox News reported that Sunday (26). North Korean diplomats to the United Nations in New York City are met with protests by activists calling for justice for the victims of the North Korean dictatorship Kim Jong Un, former US student Otto Warmbier and other victims. Pictures of the deceased and flowers were placed outside the building.

A group of North Korean citizens who managed to escape told their stories on the pavement and expressed solidarity with the victims.

The North Korean Freedom Coalition staged the protests. confirming that These North Korean defectors understood Otto’s feelings. Warm beer came first because they were also being tortured. The group said people are dying every day in President Kim’s political prison camp. Women were tortured in concentration camps, the group said, adding that human rights were at the forefront as it was clearly a dead end for the Pyongyang government.