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The VR derivative of the Horizon series “Horizon Call of the Mountain”, whose release date was decided on February 22, 2023 in November last year, is expected to release a new title that will be the PS VR2 launch title, Guerrilla Games reports gold about this work . It has been revealed that Guerrilla and Firesprite have jointly developed a spin-off that depicts the adventures of the new protagonist.

Reference: Teaser trailer for “Horizon Call of the Mountain” released late last year

Aim for the top guided with the VR2 software “Horizon Call of the Mountain”.

The latest adventure in the “Horizon” series for PlayStation VR2 developed by Guerrilla and Firesprite. This is a gameplay experience using innovative technology that fully shows the power of the machine. With beautiful graphics and the latest PS VR2 Sense controller, let’s enjoy becoming a member of the world of “Horizon”.

In the story drawn from the point of view of the new characters, there will be encounters with familiar faces such as Aloy on the road, and original stories will be developed.

Game design for PS VR2

Experience the breathtaking nature of Horizon Call of the Mountain in 360 degrees and interact with your surroundings using the left and right PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers.

Marvel at the beauty of the kingdoms of Kaja and Nora as seen from the rugged mountain peaks through the eyes of Reias, a former Kaja warrior seeking salvation.

to a new adventure

Conquer the peaks of gigantic mountains, defeat terrifying beasts of machinery, and discover the hidden dangers of Horizon. Respond to the guidance of the mountain through an immersive adventure for PlayStation VR2.

Dangerous machines come to life, tribal stories, quests, and familiar characters await you. To solve the mysteries hidden in the mountains, you must explore various paths.

action immersion

Reias pushes forward, relying on a warrior’s instinct. But there are always dangers along the way. New allies and familiar faces will help you on your journey.

Use intuitive movements to climb rugged mountains and battle mechanical monsters. Actions such as shooting arrows and creating items from materials can also be performed with intuitive actions. The surprise-filled River Ride is your chance to share your PS VR2 experience with friends and family.

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