The updated state welfare card 2022 found 8 hundred thousand people who did not meet the criteria

The procedure for appealing against the 2022 state welfare card

Ministry of Finance Created a clip through TIKTOK.COM explaining the process of appealing the poor card details as follows

• The registered worker fills in his identification number. and date of birth as stated on the identity card The system will display the result of the qualification consideration. Let the registrant click the button. “Verification results”

• Register filling in Date of birth as indicated on the identity card and the Laser ID code on the back of the identity card and click on the “Check Identity” button.

• The system will display detailed information about the results of qualifications where the registrant does not meet the qualification criteria. If the registrant who wishes to appeal Let the registrant check the contact phone number and click on the “Confirm Appeal” button.

• messaging system Confirm your appeal request. Allow the registrant to click the “Confirm Appeal” button again.

• When the registered person clicks on the button “Appeal Confirmed” is complete. The system displays a “Success” message to the registered user who clicks on the “OK” button.

• The registrant can choose to print the appeal documents of the qualification results by clicking on the “Print Appeal Confirmation Documents” button.


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