The US Congress is speaking out in criticism of North Korea, China, Russia and Iran… Map of the New Axis of Evil

In the US Congress, voices condemning North Korea by tying it to China, Russia and Iran are rising. Accusations were also made that these countries were the ‘new axis of evil’. Reporter Lee Jo-eun reports.

In a speech to the plenary on the 29th, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell denounced the leaders of North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, and Syria as “thugs and dictators,” saying, “For them, tyranny at home and aggressive behavior abroad are two sides of the same coin,” he said.

It is noted that these countries oppress their own people and attack the international community.

[녹취: 맥코넬 대표] “For thugs and dictators, tyranny at home and aggression abroad are two sides of the same coin… Vladimir Putin’s previous attacks against Georgia and Ukraine, his operations in Chechnya and Syria, and now the latest brutal war this shows exactly how clumsy and dysfunctional even. can impose a terrible toll on free nations and free peoples. Iran, North Korea and Syria have spent decades experiencing the same thing. Of course, China is not declining. “

“Vladimir Putin’s attacks on Georgia and Ukraine, his actions in Chechnya and Syria, and the recent brutal (Ukrainian) war show exactly the terrible damage that a clumsy and broken regime can do to free countries and free peoples, ” he said “Iran, North Korea and Syria have been experiencing the same thing for decades, and of course China is not declining,” he said.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn has repeatedly called North Korea, China, Russia and Iran the “new axis of evil.”

“A new axis of evil is coming forward,” said Representative Blackburn in a speech at the plenary on the 28th. We are testing ballistic missiles that threaten the United States,” he said.

“The Chinese Communist Party is doing the exact opposite of what the Pentagon is doing,” he said.

[녹취:블랙번 의원] “A new axis of evil, they march on. We know for a fact that Tehran is sending drones and military equipment to Moscow to support Putin’s war in Ukraine. North Korea is conducting ballistic missile tests that threaten South Korea’s sovereignty. And the Chinese Communist Party is doing the exact opposite of what the Pentagon is doing: They are focusing on preparedness and building up their military. “

Within Congress, there is a growing tendency to see North Korea as a ‘complete problem group’ that poses a threat to the international community by tying it together with China, Russia and Iran.

This trend started especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine has installed authoritarian regimes to destroy our democratic values ​​and way of life,” Republican Representative Young Kim told VOA.

[김 의원] “Authoritarian regimes that want to destroy our democratic values ​​and way of life have been embodied by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”

There are also claims, especially among Republican lawmakers, that the Biden administration’s ‘weak’ foreign policy incorporates enemies such as North Korea, China, and Russia.

Representative Michael McCaul, the Republican secretary of the House Foreign Relations Committee, told VOA about the North Korean missile launch, saying, “The rogue regime, Mr. Kim, had a moment of opportunity in the international community because of the weakness of the Biden administration and the support of the Chinese Communist Party to avoid sanctions.” he said.

Members of Congress raised their voices of criticism for the closeness between the enemies due to the possibility of an arms agreement between Russia and North Korea.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio recently told VOA, “Russia has already imported drones from Iran and is conducting joint military exercises with China.” It’s not a thing,” he charged.

[루비오 의원] “Russia is already getting drones from Iran and conducting joint military exercises with China. It should surprise no one that North Korea is proud to lend its support to this authoritarian, tyrannical gang.”

Senator James Inhoff, a Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, also told VOA, “The fact that Russia is buying weapons from North Korea to use against Ukraine makes Putin desperate to continue his attack reckless and horrible of Ukraine, and to do that he will fight with any dictator. Another proof that we will work together.”

[인호프 의원] “The fact that Russia is buying weapons from North Korea to use against Ukraine is more evidence that Putin is desperate to continue his reckless, brutal attack on Ukraine – and he will work with any fellow dictator to do so.

There were even criticisms that China and Russia were colluding with the North Korean regime.

Regarding the North Korean missile launch, Congressman McCaul reiterated his position “I urge the Biden administration to recommit to maximum pressure and place a significant price on the Kim Jong-un regime, China, Russia, and conspirators throughout the world.” .

In the midst of this, even in the Congressional bill, the nuclear and missile threats of North Korea, China, and Russia are woven into the fabric.

“China, Russia and North Korea are rapidly modernizing and expanding their nuclear arsenals,” says the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, which is being considered by the full Senate. We are involved,” he said.

This is Joeun Lee from VOA News.


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