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The US is confused. How can China do it? Fires a hypersonic missile while going supersonic.

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The Financial Times news website reports that Pentagon scientists at the US Department of Defense Not keeping up with the new Chinese technology that makes the vehicle glide at supersonic speed which can carry nuclear warheads Missiles can be fired as the craft moves in the atmosphere over the South China Sea.

An expert at Darpa, the Pentagon’s Office of Technology Research. Still unsure how China can fire missiles from ships traveling at faster than sound speeds. Army experts are investigating the data related to the test. to understand that How did China achieve such technology?

Pentagon officials are also debating whether What is the purpose of this hypersonic missile launch? Because it was shot out without a clear goal. before falling into the South China Sea Some Pentagon experts believe that The missile is an air-to-air missile. while others It is believed to be a missile used to destroy anti-aircraft missile systems. so that this hypersonic vehicle would not be shot down during the war.

The United States and Russia have been developing hypersonic weapons for years. But many experts say The latest test is evidence that China’s efforts are more advanced than those of the entire United States. and Russia significantly

The US White House China declined to comment on China’s new technology, but reiterated it was also concerned about testing of the supersonic vehicle that took place on July 27, while the National Security Council confirmed the United States would maintain its ability to Continue to prevent and deter long-distance threats from China.

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