The US is strengthening countermeasures in case North Korea’s provocations continue … Dialogue is much more useful for North Korea

“Condemn dangerous and reckless launch… Take appropriate defense and prevention measures with the alliance”

US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln warned on the 5th (local time) that if North Korea continues the provocations, countermeasures will be strengthened.

When asked about the North Korean missile launch at a press conference with the Chilean foreign minister in Santiago, Chile on the same day, Secretary Blincoln said, “If North Korea continues on this path of provocation, only criticism, isolation , and there will be strengthening. countermeasures for their actions,” he said

“We strongly condemn North Korea’s dangerous and reckless launch of a long-range missile that flew beyond Japan and put the Japanese people at risk,” he said.

He spoke with his counterparts in South Korea and Japan shortly after North Korea’s ballistic missile launch, he said. I think you’ve seen it.”

“For several months, we have consistently urged North Korea to refrain from further provocations and engage in meaningful dialogue,” Blincoln said.

“We, together with our allies and partners, are taking appropriate protective and preventive measures,” he said.

“We believe it would be much more helpful for North Korea to refrain from such actions and engage in real dialogue,” he said.

He also expressed his will to respond through the international community, saying, “We are convening a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the next steps with our partners. “I want to do it,” he insisted.

Previously, North Korea fired a ballistic missile over the Japanese archipelago into the Pacific Ocean on the 4th Korean time, and South Korean and US forces in Korea demonstrated their ability to respond by hitting exactly two surface-to-surface missiles. virtual ATACMS face. targets in the East Sea.

In addition, the US nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, which left South Korean waters after the completion of the ROK-US joint exercise, will also turn to the high seas of the East Sea to conduct a trilateral joint exercise with the Navy ROK. and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force on the 6th.

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