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Original title: The US media listed the Lakers first round reinforcement plan 1: 2 for 3 swallowing two long-term about Barnes to improve the striker but where to lock

It is getting harder and harder to trade with the Los Angeles Lakers, who have tried to work with Russell Westbrook again. Lakers coach Darwin Hamm would love to coach Westbrook, and TA Lakers reporter Josh Buha also thinks Westbrook will be the Lakers’ No. 1 starter this season (the Lakers see Beverley as a 3-D wing) . Pelinka’s trade demands are difficult to fulfill: not accept a long-term contract, strengthen the line, and send Westbrook away.

On the evening of September 20th, Beijing time, the American media NBA Analysis Network suggested that Pelinka should stop those unrealistic ideas. The Lakers should start sending Westbrook away while strengthening the lineup, as long as not all one of the first round picks are sent in the transaction. A three-way deal between the Lakers, Kings, and Jazz can satisfy both conditions.

The Lakers sent the first round of 2029, Westbrook got Harrison Barnes, Richaun Holmes, Rudy Gay;

The Jazz sent Bojan, Clarkson, Gay to Westbrook, the Lakers in the first round of 2029;

The Kings sent Holmes and Barnes got Bojan and Clarkson.

The article wrote that the Jazz deal sent two long-term contracts, an expiring contract and a first-round pick, and Danny Ainge has completed his demands. The Lakers can also strengthen the front line and the interior line. The hard power of the Lakers has increased a lot, and the Kings also got the scorer on the bench + the No. 3 starting shooting position.

This deal is only a small downside for the Lakers. Gay has two years left on his 12.5 million contract. 6.47 million per season 23-24 is a player option. Gay, who is 36 years old this year, likely to jump out of the contract It is a long-term contract that will inevitably lock up space, and Gay is a 2.03-meter striker who can play LeBron’s bench.

Holmes has three years left on his $45 million contract, which still has a player option in the 2024-25 season, and has a 15% deal guarantee. His contract is also a long-term contract, but he is only 29 years old this year, and his average of 10.4 points, 7.1 rebounds and 0.93 blocks per game is not a premium contract.

Barnes has a year left on his contract to count as an expiring contract. He stands 2.03 meters and can play the 3-4 position. Last season, he averaged 16.6 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game, with a shooting rate of 46.9 % and a three-point shooting rate of 39.1% A good choice for the top three, he is likely to start immediately in the Lakers team After all, the guards are not tall enough.

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