The US military wanted to break into a village in Syria and was expelled from the country.

The US Army wants to break into a village in Syria and was repulsed.

Hangzhou Net Release Time: 2022-10-02 01:16

Foreign Network, October 1. According to the Syrian State News Agency, on September 30, local time, Syrian government forces intercepted and expelled a convoy of American soldiers at a checkpoint in Hasakah province in northeastern Syria.

The convoy, which includes four military armored vehicles, was originally planned to cross rural areas in Hasakah province, the report said. On September 14, a Syrian government army checkpoint also expelled a US military convoy.

In recent years, the US military has often stolen Syria’s oil resources. On 28 and 29 September, the US military sent a convoy to steal oil for two consecutive days, and transfer the stolen oil from northeast Syria to bases in Iraq. In August this year, the US military stole oil from Syria more than eight times.

The US military’s rampant oil theft has severely damaged the Syrian economy and drawn criticism from many parties. In a letter to the UN Secretary General and the rotating presidency of the Security Council in August, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that from 2011 to June this year, the illegal presence of the United States military in Syria and the illegal mining and illegal smuggling by US-backed armed forces have sent oil and natural gas to Syria. , mining and other industries suffered huge losses, with direct and indirect losses amounting to US$107.1 billion. (Liu Qiang from Foreign Network)

Source: Foreign Network Author: Editor: Guan Pengwei

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