The US official says the South Korea-Japan summit and the efforts to improve relations are encouraging

An official from the Joe Biden administration evaluated the Korea-Japan summit held during the 77th United Nations General Assembly as encouraging.

A senior Biden administration official said in a telephone briefing on the 23rd (local time) regarding the restoration of relations between South Korea and Japan, “We are encouraged that both leaders seem to be prioritizing this issue and that they have met each other.”

Earlier, President Yoon Seok-yeol had a brief meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in New York on the 21st. At the meeting, the two leaders agreed on the need to improve relations by resolving current issues, and agreed to speed up dialogue with diplomatic authorities to this end.

“We want our two allies to be as close as possible,” said a Biden administration official. He added that he encourages the process of restoring relations between the two countries, and that each country can become stronger in the region and in the world when they become closer.

“We are not in the middle of discussions (to improve relations), but we certainly support what they are doing,” said the official.


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