The US police open a “clip of example” of alcohol that is more than 3 times the limit

Police in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USAparable clip from the TCC on the Facebook page Road accident due to drink drivingThat doesn’t happen in the middle of the night or early in the morning, but in broad daylight, the incident in the clip happened at 09.20 am on October 15 at the intersection of Claremont Road. Intersection with Menomonie Road Minutes, a car took the wrong turn and ran up the center island. and crashed into a parked car waiting for a signal light on the road before rolling around and colliding with another car in the car park Fortunately, no one was fatally injured.

Wisconsin state law no driver Driving with blood/breath alcohol of 0.08 when police rushed to the scene. Breathe to the driver of the accident Alcohol was found to be as high as .242, three times the legal limit. Local media have named the driver Nicholas Eve, 22, who was accused of driving while drunk. and acting impulsively causing others to be unsafe

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