The US Section of Nationwide Protection and South Korea “Concur to extend the scope and scale of joint exercise routines… A potent response, together with the deployment of strategic belongings, in case of a North Korean nuclear examination”

The armed forces authorities of the United States and South Korea have decided to grow the scope and scale of joint armed service exercise routines on the Korean Peninsula in check out of the evolving threat from North Korea. They shared the watch that if North Korea goes forward with a nuclear exam, both of those nations will react strongly and decisively, which include making use of US strategic belongings in the location. Reporter Lee Jo-eun studies.

The US Office of Protection reaffirmed the common goal of finish denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula at the 21st Korea-US Integrated Defense Consultation (KIDD) meeting held in Seoul on the 16th and 17th, and the US said it was going to go .

In a joint statement issued by the United States and the Republic of Korea on the 17th, the Ministry of National Defense said the two sides experienced intensively talked about the North Korean risk, such as the maximize in the frequency and scale of North Korea’s missile take a look at launches. about the previous calendar year.

“With this in intellect, each sides made the decision to extend the scope and scale of joint armed service physical exercises and exercise routines on the Korean Peninsula and in the spot, commencing with the Ulchi Freedom Protect (UFS) following week, while contemplating the North’s evolution. the Korean menace.” .

“The two sides verified the worth of the complete implementation of relevant UN Safety Council (North Korea) resolutions by the intercontinental group,” he added.

US and South Korean armed service authorities also shared their evaluation of North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear take a look at internet site.

In this regard, equally sides agreed that the United States and South Korea would take a potent and decisive response, including the possibility to deploy US strategic assets in the region, need to North Korea commence with a nuclear examination .

The two sides also shared the see that the Korea-Japan Security of Army Details Arrangement (GSOMIA) performs an vital purpose in bilateral and US-Korea-Japan trilateral cooperation, and agreed to deepen trilateral cooperation by means of the yearly US-Korea security assembly – Japan. .I did.

Each sides also welcomed the new development in accessibility to THAAD bases, and the value of the alliance’s missile protection program to shield the ROK and the US military services, especially in gentle of North Korea’s recent missile exams by the Ministry of Countrywide Defense he said they also agreed.

In addition, the two sides agreed to keep the ‘Expanded Deterrence Tactics Advisory Group’ (EDSCG) next month and the ‘Deterrence Approach Committee’ (DSC) ‘Extensive Deterrence Exercise means Action’ (TTX) early.

With regard to the wartime transfer of OPCON, we reaffirmed our collective will to satisfy the 3 circumstances of the earlier agreed ‘Conditional OPCON Transfer Plan’.

Equally sides also reaffirmed the value of adhering to the ‘rules-centered international order’ based on intercontinental guidelines and norms, and agreed to do the job closely alongside one another to tackle regional worries.

In unique, both equally sides reaffirmed the great importance of retaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

This is Jo Eun Lee from VOA News.

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