The US, the UK and Germany strongly condemn Putin’s military mobilization order… Evidence of the failure of the invasion of Ukraine

Major Western countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, condemned the announcement that Russian President Vladimir Putin would make a sudden military move on the 21st (local time), pointing to the fact that this is evidence of the failure of the invasion of Ukraine.

The US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, said on Twitter that Russia’s “fake referendum rules and military mobilization are evidence of weakness and failure. It’s not,” he said.

He further emphasized that we would stand with Ukraine indefinitely.

The British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace also drew attention to the fact that Putin’s announcement of a military mobilization order is evidence that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is failing.

“President Putin has killed tens of thousands of citizens,” he said. You can’t hide the facts,” he said.

British Foreign Minister Gillian Keegan said Putin’s speech “raises tensions very troublingly” and that “the threat must be taken seriously”.

German Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Robert Havek strongly condemned Russian President Putin’s sudden announcement of a military mobilization order.

He told reporters in Berlin that day, “This is a very worrying wrong move.”

The German government is discussing a response to Putin’s decision, he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Havek reiterated Germany’s full support in this regard.

Giorza Meloni, head of the Italian Brotherhood (Fdl), who is likely to become the next prime minister of Italy, pointed out that Putin admits to a lack of military personnel.

“Putin’s speech reveals that Russia is currently facing serious difficulties in Ukraine,” said Meloni in an interview with RTL radio in Italy.

On the same day, President Putin issued a military mobilization order to mobilize 300,000 reserve forces for the first time since World War II.

He also warned of a strong response, saying the West was threatening Russia with nuclear weapons.

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