The vaccination rate was over 80%, but… ‘Highest number in history’ Seoul confirmed 2222 more

▲Citizens line up to be tested at the temporary screening test station at Seoul Station in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 1st, when the number of new corona19 confirmed cases was 5,123, the highest on record. (Newsis)

Although the vaccination rate of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Seoul has exceeded 80%, the ‘highest number of new confirmed cases in history’ has emerged.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the 1st, as of 00:00 on that day, the number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 increased by 2,222 from the previous day to 156,057. 23,527 people are in quarantine and 131,867 people have been cured and discharged. The death toll rose to 13, bringing the total to 1,113.

The Seoul area recorded the ‘highest number of confirmed cases in history’ even when the vaccination rate exceeded 80%. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, 83.4% (7925,505 people) of the first dose and 80.8% (767,9279 people) of the second dose were vaccinated as of 00:00 on the same day compared to the 9.5 million people living there. However, the number of new infections reached 2,222, exceeding the 2,000 level for the first time in history.

Group infections are also continuing in nursing homes and hospitals. As the number of confirmed cases related to nursing facilities in Guro-gu increased by 14, the cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 83. At this facility, after an employee was first confirmed as confirmed by the preemptive test on the 20th of last month, 82 additional people including residents and employees were confirmed. The city of Seoul conducted a complete inspection of workers and residents, while providing protective clothing, gloves, and other protective items.

In addition, △34 people related to the market in Dongjak-gu (cumulative 516 people) △24 people related to the market in Songpa-gu (297 people) △2 people related to a hospital in Seongbuk-gu (cumulative 23 people) △10 people imported from abroad △81 other group infections △ There were 901 contacts with other confirmed cases, 19 contacts with confirmed cases from other provinces, and 1137 during the investigation of the route of infection.



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