The value of ‘Go2 Group’ drops by $19.18 billion after being on the market in just 8 months.

last monthGo to he said he had discussed withshareholderbefore entering the market and exploring cooperation insell stockbefore the deadline Making sales systematically through negotiations in the market

However, it didn’t work. When the due date arrived on Wednesday, November 30, Goto revealed that shareholders before entering the market Deciding not to proceed with the sale, the stock fell 7 percent to just 141 rupiah on Thursday, November 1, and continued its decline through today’s trading.

And in November, Gothu reported that the companylossAccumulated for 9 months since last year of 11.58 trillion rupiah. increased to 20.32 million rupiah Although the third quarter loss decreased due to cost reduction by laying off more than 1,300 employees, the company also announced that it mayredundanciesabout 3,000 more people

As for other tech companies in Southeast Asia. loss of market value since entering the stock market as well, as competitors likeGrab it (Grab it) lost 69% of its $40 billion market cap, and Indonesian e-commerce company Bukalapak lost 70% of its $6 billion market cap.

anyway Go to Group There are investors likeSoft BankaAlibaba Invested for 8 months to support the stock price of Goto after entering the Indonesia Stock Exchange as well But inside sources said that the venture capital company may withdraw from GoTo in the future.