The vet was hit by a call center gang. I knew but I didn’t get it in 15 minutes, the balance was at 0, I cut my phone and kept sucking it up.

open story The vet was duped by the call center gang. A new strategy to buy a mobile phone To download the application, only 15 minutes, the remaining money is 0 baht, the hammer can not be beaten in time. Why do they like to cheat doctors?

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Call center gangs today are considered a serious epidemic. From the past, the focus was on ordinary people. But when many people start to know the trick and prank the call center gang back causing the call center gang to start using a new joke This time it was aimed at people who have a lot of money in their accounts and have bribed the officers of the government. to extract information until he can successfully deceive the victim. Won hundreds of millions of baht

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On November 6, 2022, it was revealed that a vet was being targeted by a call center gang. He was cheated and lost his entire account within 15 minutes. Even with a hammer to break his phone, he could still suck the money, saying that he had taken his pet to be vaccinated at a nearby veterinary hospital. who, when he arrived at the hospital, found that Dr. A (pseudonym), a regular vet went to the bank in a hurry because the money in the account was lost this while meeting the doctor
He asked “Did the doctor get my money back yet?”

call center gang

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The doctor revealed that DSI is calling. Let’s talk and know everything. Before you know it, this is a new gem. A serious shock became a video call.

Dr. revealed And that DSI called and spoke to Dr. And for an hour. because someone took the doctor’s information to open an account And this account is connected to the sale of methamphetamine. Doctor A had a history of losing his ID card. And the other side said they shouldn’t tell anyone about this. Otherwise Dr A will be in prison for 3 years. Now investigating.

As soon as he heard, he began to know that This is a joke of call center gangs and crooks, so they greeted me, but Doctor A said that they were not crooks. because he knew all the details of his name, what his name was, what his phone number was, so he said In terms of trading information, it can be done. Sometimes, various camps sell customer data for marketing purposes.

listening to this Doctor A was shocked. And he said someone was wearing a police uniform and claiming it was a DSI video call. This caused Dr A to start to panic. because I know that the other side is not DSI but a thief And the thief was also on the line set in the exam room.

Develop the new strategy of scammers Buy a phone and run the program to suck all the money.

Dr said. And that the thief asked Dr A to buy a new phone. Download the Krung Thai Bank app and transfer all the money in Dr’s account into the scammer’s account He then asked Dr A to download an app called DSI Safe, claiming that this app can check the source of the money.

Doctor A then went to hang the thieves. and bring another mobile phone to see And found that the app has already been run, he can’t turn off the machine and the machine is locked until he can’t do any non-removable battery So he told Dr. A for rushing to freeze Krungthai’s account, and called 191 to ask for more information from the police. said the police if the program is run It will unlock data and suck private data. including money laundering

At the same time, Dr. And to freeze the account at Krung Thai Bank. But before it can be frozen does not appear in time The balance in the account is 0 baht within 15 minutes only.

call center gang

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Netizens were skeptical about this at some point. The author of this thread then answered the following questions:

1. Why don’t you turn off the wifi in the animal hospital? This is more than asking if anyone knows where the wifi is. need to find the location of the flammable which lasted longer than hammering So it was decided to go that way, time was limited.

2. How about removing the battery? that’s because of The phone model the scammers bought. It will not be able to remove the battery. When running the app, the page will freeze. Can’t press anything anymore. In this matter, there is a small error. He should have asked the doctor to go into the bank app to press the account suspension. It should be faster than calling a call center that needs more information.

3. History of the hammer This is not a matter of compensation Because we can call the hammer from the hospital staff. Because the hospital already has this type of equipment.

In addition, the owner of Facebook also admitted that he regrets the late greeting of the doctor. If there was, the doctor would not load the app. and don’t waste money Now I can only suggest that notify the doctor Freeze all accounts change your account Make a new ID card

Why are doctors the target of scammers?

The crooks believe that a doctor is a married profession. rarely read news So, I would like to propose to the ministry or related persons. Give some information to personnel like Singapore The government has made big warning signs for people in public places. More proactive than mainstream media Because these days people don’t watch TV and don’t use Facebook much.

**The latest information was updated at 7:50 pm on 6 Nov 65.

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