The veteran Anthony UFC, Anthony Johnson, is restricting ordered files against him

A Florida woman who was involved in a casual relationship with Anthony Johnson placed a restraining order against the UFC fighter who retired this last August.

The woman filed the order, a temporary injunction, because there was an "immediate risk of violence dating," said her solicitor, Robyn Barrett, with MMA Junkie.

Johnson's solicitor Scott B. Saul said Johnson is accused of stalking online, threatening and taking personal images of the woman whose name MMA Junkie is holding back. Saul said that the order was filed after the two briefly dated and continued to exchange messages on social media.

“He is saying that I will go to get my gun, and his interpretation (the message) was directed at her,” said Saul. “His stance was on the social media that was stalking him, and he was referring to the person who applied for it and not. That is his position, and I also believe that he might have made a picture of his job showing him something personal. But everyone was involved in social media posting. ”

Last month, the order was extended for a year, after which the woman will “evaluate whether she is still afraid of the defendant and whether the injunction is reasonable at that time,” said Barrett. i statement.

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Johnson is required to stay away from the woman until February 6, 2020, or he could be held in contempt of court. Numerous attempts to find Johnson did not succeed for comment.

“There were no facts, no one gave evidence, and there was no ruling,” said Saul. “Only the parties were saying, listening, people rarely understand each other – what do we need to solve? We do not see this again in one year, and if there is no problem, you do not need an injunction as there is no threat to anyone. ”

Johnson has a history of allegations of domestic violence. In 2009, the competitor did not plead twice the UFC's title against domestic violence charges after entering his old girlfriend's house and locking him to the ground, leaving her with numerous injuries. Johnson denied that he was physically in an interview in May 2015 with He argued the argument of the incident and said that he stayed in his friends with the woman.

In September 2014, UFC Johnson's career was temporarily halted when another woman who claimed to be the mother of her two children submitted a police report alleging that she had received death threats from Johnson's friends and that she had struck her and she had two parts In 2012, the woman also filed a restriction order, but voluntarily withdrew it two months later. Johnson cleared to compete.

However, in January 2015, this woman filed another stalking claim. According to, she accused Johnson of calling her repeatedly and sending threatening emails. Johnson claimed in court that the emails had been made. The case was dismissed voluntarily in March.

That same month, another Johnson girl told the police that he showed up unannounced by the Taekwondo studio in which she worked. He alleged that she caught her shirt behind the neck, she lifted her up from the chair at her shirt and grabbed her right hand, creating cooked and scratches. She said that Johnson was not leaving until the police arrived and visited the studio 15 times before they found a body. She refused to press charges, and Johnson refused a women's account, saying “we speak daily and (that we are) good friends.”

Johnson, who retired from a competition after the second bid on a heavy UFC light weight title in April 2017, began headlines when he signed an advertising deal with Bare Knuckle FC promotion. He denied rumors of a drawback to fight, but in an interview this week he said he would return to the cage if a 205-pound current champion shifted up heavily.

After hanging his gloves, Johnson concentrated on the marijuana industry, and co-founded a company that manufactures cannabis products (CBD).

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