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“The video of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend at an entertainment bar, cool Lee Jae-hoon was also there” (Video)

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YouTuber Lee Jin-ho raised suspicions of violating quarantine rules by releasing a video that Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend took.

On the 29th, on YouTube’s ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho’ channel, ‘Shock Solo! Cool Lee Jae-hoon… Why is Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend?’

In the video, Jinho Lee said, “I recently got unexpected data while covering an issue related to Kim Seon-ho.

Cool Lee Jae-hoon’s Instagram

He said, “Lee Jae-hoon drank with a party of 5 or more at an entertainment pub on Jeju Island around midnight on November 18, 2020. On that day, Jae-hoon Lee sang the song ‘Aroha’ was captured in the video.”

In the video released by Lee Jin-ho at the time, Lee Jae-hoon’s voice singing the cool song Aroha was included. A woman was also photographed dancing and cheering to Lee Jae-hoon’s song.

Lee Jin-ho said, “I was able to confirm that this woman is Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend,” and said that the video was taken by Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend.

He then raised suspicions of violating quarantine rules, saying, “At the time of the video shoot, Jeju Island was undergoing 1.5-step distance.

Finally, he added, “There was a video of him singing in an entertainment establishment, but it is understood that it was not in an inappropriate place or relationship.”

At that time, Jeju Island was at the time when social distancing step 1.5 was being applied. In the case of entertainment pubs, which are centrally managed facilities, operating hours are limited to 10 p.m., and dancing and moving between seats are prohibited.

Cool Lee Jae-hoon’s side has not expressed any particular position on the allegations. His Instagram account has also been deleted.

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