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The voice of “Little Iron Rogue” is not infinitely something that Kyrie Irving ignores-NBA-Basketball

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The weapon is sharp, and the iron is cut like mud. The wind direction is sharp, and the small iron is as intended. I hope to use more discussions and share various opinions on watching the game.

Starting in 2020, the world is facing a completely different life style. The Wuhan pneumonia outbreak that began in early 2020 has greatly changed people’s lives. Nearly 20 months since the outbreak began, there have been more than 200 million people worldwide. The confirmed cases and the cumulative death toll have exceeded 4.5 million. The virus and variant viruses are still spreading around the world, and most countries still have to limit the distance between people because of this. The wait is not to “restore the original life”, but to expect It can be slightly controlled to allow most people in the country to maintain a certain lifestyle as much as possible under a slight isolation.

In this journey of fighting the epidemic, countries are still struggling, and the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic has severely affected sports events that must be contacted by many people and must be gathered in groups from 2020. As a result, major well-known events have been suspended. For example, in the NBA, the 2019-20 season called for an emergency stop. It took several months of naturalization to complete the season in a bubble circle rematch from August to October, which should have entered the off-season. At the same time, the season was over too. Later, let the 2020-21 season shrink again, and finally, on October 20th, it is finally confirmed that the 2021-22 season will return to the normal schedule.

It’s just that 2019-20 will finally be held in a bubble circle without spectators. The 2020-21 season will be conducted under strict human control and epidemic prevention measures, and health and safety agreements will be implemented throughout the season. As long as the players violate the agreement or even If the test is positive, they must enter the isolation process. Many players are greatly affected. Even at a critical juncture in the playoffs, it happened that the Suns master Chris Paul had to miss the first two games of the Western Conference Championship due to the positive diagnosis. , Almost had a major impact on the sun.

In order to maintain normal operations in the shorter off-season, vaccines developed by various countries during the year have become the biggest focus. Before the 2021 playoffs, most players have already begun to vaccinate, and before entering the 2021-22 season At the end of August, the NBA issued a memorandum requiring players, referees, or staff who may be within 15 feet of the court to be vaccinated. However, it was not enforced. It was just that in early September, when the players union still maintained that it did not force players to vaccinate Under the principle of vaccines, the three teams, Nick, Nets, and Warriors, are not allowed to enter the training venues and home venues if they are not vaccinated due to the regulations of the local governments of New York, New York and San Francisco. Therefore, whether the players of these three teams are vaccinated has become the focus of attention during this off-season.

As the off-season goes by, and is about to face the start of pre-season training camps, media days, and related ball team activities, Nick announced that all members of the team have been vaccinated, but in September, the Nets Kyrie Irving and the Warriors Andrew Wiggins is still defending his right to refuse vaccinations, and this has triggered discussions. For example, in the past year, many relatives and friends have been infected with Wuhan pneumonia and even died of gray wolf center Karl-Anthony Towns. On Twitter, I was dissatisfied with the players who were looking for reasons for not being vaccinated. Later, Wiggins, who was based on religious beliefs, finally completed the vaccination, but it is not difficult to hear that he is still dissatisfied with this during the interview. KI has become unvaccinated. The most questionable among the players of the vaccine is not because of what reason he used, but because of the regulations of the location of the team, so that if they want to continue to use this business, they must be vaccinated, otherwise they will simply miss the home game. KI However, under the circumstances that Qianfu pointed out, he still advocated reluctance to vaccinate.

The latest news this week is that Sean Marks, the director of the Nets, announced that as long as KI is unable to “completely participate in team actions,” he will not be allowed to train or play. It is conceivable that the premise of “complete participation in team actions” is to follow New York. It was stipulated that the vaccine must be administered, and then the Nets announced that they would pay KI’s salary for away games. This was only because it met the premise that the players were paid. This would prevent KI from complaining to the players union about any disposal of the Nets, because As long as the team is paid, it can reasonably decide whether to let the players out of the game. The Nets head coach Steve Nash also revealed that he will be prepared for KI to be unable to play at home, or to make the team used to KI to play as a substitute. It is obvious that last season’s championship was unsuccessful, and this season should be based on the championship. The target’s Nets will have to think of ways to deal with this turmoil caused by KI.


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