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The war has changed, the US reports that the delta strain is as prone to plague as chickenpox – fresh news

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war change – CNN reported that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States of America or CDC Publish a document within the organization that “Must inform the authorities that The war has changed.” when covid-19 A delta species that is currently spreading heavily in the United States. It causes severe illness and is highly contagious, much like chickenpox.

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Information from the CDC presentation material published by the Washington Post, America’s influential media. specify the message mutant virus Delta species making the infected person more sick than other species before and spread as quickly as chickenpox Even those who have received the coronavirus vaccine-19 Once the dose is complete, there is a chance of spreading the infection.at the same rate as those who were not vaccinated

war change

Biden announces a proactive plan Let Americans get more vaccinations on July 29. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Mrs. Rochelle Valenski The CDC director confirmed the document was authentic and was not surprised.

reportReminds that I want people to understand But don’t panic that this virus is one of the most contagious. The same is true for measles and chickenpox.

The CDC plans to release information on Friday local time that will support Ms. Valenski’s decision to advise everyone. including People who have been vaccinated should wear a mask at home because the virus remains inside the building.

war change

Family members gather outside Daryl Barker’s window at Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach, Mo., on Monday, July 26, 2021. (AP Photo/Sarah Blake Morgan)

As for everyone in the school both students School staff and visitors should wear masks at all times. and emphasized that everyone must comply with various measures to control the outbreak

CDC data show that the delta virus is as contagious as chickenpox. Average diffusion rate is infected person 1 People can spread it to other people. 8-9 person While the common flu can spread from one person to another, approximately 2 person which this outbreak known by the name of R0

If a person who has been vaccinated is infected with COVID-19 will have as many viral loads in the body as with unvaccinated people and can infect others as well as unvaccinated people.

war change

Signage stands at the ready (foreground) in case COVID-19 testing at Barnett Park reaches capacity, as cars wait in line in Orlando, Fla., Thursday, July 29, 2021. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

Mr. Walter Orenstein Emory Vaccination Center Head Says People Vaccinating With COVID-19 May be asymptomatic when infected and transmit the virus to the same extent as unvaccinated people. But people who have been vaccinated may be safer.

CDC documents show that vaccines prevent more than a hundred percent of severe symptoms. 90 But it is effective in preventing reduced spread. Thus, there is a greater spread of the disease and a greater spread of the disease in the community. even if vaccinated

While vaccines also reduce mortality rates. 10 times and reduce the risk of spreading 3 equal

The CDC recommends vaccination and wearing a mask because of the coronavirus.-19 Delta species cause more disease severity than other species.

now united statesis facing an outbreak of delta species. This is especially true in areas where few people have been vaccinated.

Johns University hopskins of the United States Assessed that there are new infections per day. 66,900 people last week, which is above average since the United States.It has the lowest outbreak this year. with new infections 11,299 daily on 22 no.NS. And the number is higher than the number of infections last summer and Wednesday. The number of infected people is increasing in every state. except for one state in the round 7 last day compared to the previous week

Ms. Valensky said one thing was encouraging. is More and more people are dealing with dire situations. including organizations business sector states and local people

A framed photo of his family sits in front of Daryl Barker as he slowly recovers from COVID-19 inside Lake Regional Hospital’s ICU in Osage Beach, Mo., on Monday, July 26, 20021 (AP Photo/Sarah Blake Morgan)

It is the duty of public health agencies to communicate to the public the importance of vaccination as the best way to deal with delta strains.

Mr. Joe’s side Biden US President announced that it would encourage more Americans to get vaccinated. including All federal government officials otherwise May be faced with strict rules of conduct

and reflecting that Americans are about to die even though they do not want to die. Try reading the news and you will see that the unvaccinated patient is lying in wait for death from covid.-19 and ask the doctor to vaccinate But by then it was too late.


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