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At the press conference after the game against the Pelicans, Beal was interviewed whether he would feel frustrated, but he only replied: “Is the sky blue?” The loss of the match made people think of Harden at the press conference before the transfer. Speech. Although Beal is obviously more dedicated, he still tries his best to win every game, and has never said bad things about the team, but with the defeats one after another, Beal’s patience has gradually been eroded.

However, the Wizards, like the Rockets at the time, did not have the urgency of trading before Beal chanted trade me. Part of the team’s current record was due to injuries and pneumonia that prevented many players from playing. However, as far as the current lineup is concerned, it is not easy for the Wizards to make the playoffs again. Maybe it is a good choice for Beal to go to a competitive place and get a good pick in this year’s draft.

This article will propose six Beal’s potential next homes and trade packages. Most of the teams that need Beal aim to improve their current combat capabilities, while the part of the Wizards should obtain young potential, future draft picks, and well-operated expiring contracts. .

1. Denver Nuggets

The Wizards won: Gary Harris, RJ Hampton, Zeke Nnaji, Nuggets 2021 first round pick, Nuggets 2026 first round pick

The Nuggets won: Bradley Beal​

The Gold Nuggets reversed twice in the playoffs last year after falling behind 1-3, and finally reached the Western Conference finals before losing to the final champion Lakers. This year’s Gold Nuggets are still strong contenders in the Western Region. They are currently ranked fourth in the Western Region with 11 wins and 7 losses. Beal who can play without the ball to cooperate with Jokic will lose a good defender, but it will also greatly increase the offensive firepower.

The wizards should be very interested in Michael Porter Jr., but considering that if the Gold Nuggets trade the two main rotations of Harris and MPJ at the same time, their combat power will not rise but fall, so the final package may be Harris plus this year RJ Hampton with the 24th overall pick and Zeke Nnaji with the 22nd overall have little chance to play on the Nuggets team with a complete lineup this year. If the Wizards are interested in training, they might be able to show their performance.

2. New Orleans Pelicans

The Wizards won: JJ Redick, Lonzo Ball, Kira Lewis Jr., 3~4 first round picks

The Pelicans get: Bradley Beal​

Recently, it has been reported that the Pelicans have put Ball and Redick on the shelves. Both of them have expired. If the wizard who decides to rebuild will not be a burden, Ball can decide whether to renew according to his performance. Kira Lewis Jr. is the 13th pick in the first round of this year, a player with potential to look forward to.

For the Pelicans, last season is not far from the playoffs, but the team’s state is not ideal this year. Dual-core Ingram and Zion have not yet found a way to coexist, and Bledsoe, Ball and others on the outside can’t make room for the team. In exchange for Beal, her stable perimeter will help the team, and there should be a significant improvement in record. Prior to this, the Pelicans have accumulated a large number of draft picks from the Davis and Holiday deals, in terms of chips. The Pelicans are very adequate. It’s just a deal that Beal can solve the team’s long-term problems, and whether it can rely on this lineup to break out of the West in the future is the management must think carefully.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

The Wizards won: Tyrese Maxey, Danny Green, Mike Scott, Matisse Thybulle, 76ers 2021 first round pick, 76ers 2023 first round pick

The 76ers get: Bradley Beal​, Issac Bonga

The 76ers have already heard a lot of noise in the previous Harden transaction, which proves that the team has always adopted an open attitude in the transaction, but the 76ers may not be willing to send away often in this transaction. The Simmons mentioned, because Beal is not like Harden to organize the team’s offense. With the 76ers mostly shooters, the organization and defense of Simmons is an indispensable part of the 76ers. Therefore, if the 76ers want to fight for Beal, they should not lose Simmons as the premise. Therefore, the package I proposed contains balanced salary Green and Scott, both of whom have expired contracts, plus rookie Maxey and second-year student Thybulle. Maxey had a brilliant performance when many of the 76ers’ main players were absent due to the epidemic, and Thybulle was a very good defensive player. In addition to Beal, the 76ers may need one more player such as Bonga to fill the vacancy after the trade.

Through this deal, the Wizards will get two young potentials and the first round in the future, and the 76ers will make the team’s star rating even more amazing on the books. However, the 76ers performed brilliantly under the change of coaches this season. They currently rank first in the Eastern Conference and have beaten the defending champion Lakers. There is no urgency to trade for Beal. However, with the Nets in the next shed, they have already studded. It is not easy to say that it is impossible to start an arms race in the Eastern District.


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