"The Wedge" will give a broad variety of Georgia's temperatures on Friday

MACON, Ga. – Our high pressure center to our north and a low pressure center to our west is the perfect building for a dinge in Georgia.

It is a meteorological term that describes the crop on cold air at the front in the southeast. This is due to cold air anxiety in the Atlantic state.

The ding in the southeast is common in this time of year.

Cold cold air offers cold air and wind conditions into the southern regions of the Appalachians. If you combine that there is a barrier in front or stations in the southeast that create clouds and light rain. In the south of this barrier the air is hot and the moisture is necessary for rain.

This is relevant to Friday because this barrier could be anywhere from central Georgia to the north-eastern part of Georgia.

We could see a wide range of high temperatures later today.

The other north of the middle of the middle of Georgia is warmer than Friday afternoon. Macon has some high temperature models around 80 degrees. There are some more curator showing Macon with a platform in the lower 70s.

All of these values ​​can be done later today as well as some small rainfall chances and weak-thunderstorms.


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