The well-known Otome game “Amnesia-Amnesia-” will launch the Chinese version of “AMNESIA for Nintendo Switch” on Switch in 2022

Game Source Entertainment announced that following this year’s collaboration with Japanese game company Idea Factory’s Otome game brand “Otomate”, the Nintendo Switch Asian Traditional Chinese version of many works such as “Olympia’s Dinner” and “Cupid Parasite-Symbiosis Cupid-” has been launched , Will release the traditional Chinese version of another classic Otome work “Amnesia-Amnesia-” (old translation: 精灵情缘) in 2022.

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This is a story that happened in a fictional world, country, and city.

That was what happened on August 1st. The heroine woke up in the morning and suddenly found that she had lost all her memories before August 1st…

Whether it is the life so far, or the interpersonal relationship between oneself and the surroundings, all have become blank.

At this time, a teenager who claimed to be a “elf” appeared in front of the heroine, and his name was ORION. Under the guidance of ORION, the girl decided to work hard to retrieve her lost memories. Just as she was about to start with her daily life, she suddenly received a call, which seemed to be her mobile phone.

—— The name displayed on the screen is indeed her “unknown” name——

She will meet a “him” who does not know his name and appearance, but may be her “boyfriend”.

Without knowing who to trust, the heroine is cautious in her words and deeds, lest she is noticed by the other party that she has lost her memory, and the story becomes more complicated as a result.

The heroine has lost her memories with “him”. From this day on, she will weave a new love story with “him”——

Experience the Chinese version of the classic Otome game on the Nintendo Switch platform

“Amnesia-Amnesia-” has been loved by many players since it was first launched on the PSP platform in 2011. In just a few years, many sequels such as “AMNESIA LATER”, “AMNESIA CROWD” and “AMNESIA WORLD” have been launched. Later, in 2013, a TV animation adapted from a game was broadcast. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “Amnesia” series in 2021, GSE will launch the traditional Chinese version of “Amnesia-Amnesia-“, bringing Chinese players the classic Otome game experience on the Nintendo Switch platform. Please enjoy the encounters in different worlds and search for lost memories.

The emotions that slept in the depths of memory are about to be awakened now——

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Product Information

  • Game name: Amnesia-Amnesia-

  • Developer: Idea Factory / Design Factory

  • Publisher: Game Source Entertainment

  • Game type: female to love adventure

  • Corresponding platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Release Date: Scheduled within 2022

  • Game price: the normal version is undecided
    Limited edition undecided

  • Game rating: auxiliary 15 levels

  • Game subtitles: Traditional Chinese

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