The White House guest suddenly fainted during Biden’s speech, why?

On the 26th (local time), among the LSU Tigers, the victorious women’s college basketball team that visited the White House at the invitation of US President Joe Biden, Samaya Smith suddenly collapsed, and those around her supports them. /AP Yonhap News

While US President Joe Biden invited the winning women’s college basketball team to the White House and gave a congratulatory speech, a commotion broke out when one of the players suddenly collapsed and the speech was interrupted.

According to local media reports such as USA Today on the 26th (local time), President Biden invited the players and executives of the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tiger, the winning team of the women’s college basketball team in the 2022-2023 season, to the White House for a celebration.

In the video that was released, while President Biden was giving a speech congratulating them on their victory, the attendees suddenly started roaring from the podium. LSU Tigers sophomore Samaya Smith collapsed and collapsed.

On the 26th (local time), US President Joe Biden looks embarrassed when a player falls while giving a speech. / Yonhap News Reuters

President Biden reassured the attendees, saying it would be fine, but the live broadcast was stopped just in case. Medical staff jumped in to check on the player’s condition, and the White House security team stood guard around President Biden and the players.

Fortunately, Samaya quickly regained consciousness. I wanted to continue participating in the event, but he was taken to hospital for a detailed examination.

President Biden continued his speech after the situation ended, thanking the attendees for showing patience.

The LSU side explained the reason for fainting at the time, saying, “Samaya said he felt excessive excitement and difficulty breathing right before the incident.”


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