The wife of “Jang” “Jazz Chuanchuen” reacted to the drama of the husband being arrested. take it as a lesson, say ‘any man, anyone loves him’ : PPTVHD36

“Jang Punnasa”, the wife of the famous comedian “Jazz Chuan Chuen”, posted to explain the cause of her husband’s drama being caught by a woman. Tell the other party to call to apologize and speak to “Jazz” and state that they are both wrong.

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It is a hot social drama. after a famous comedian “Jazz Chuan Chuen” Going to a concert in a restaurant But instead an unexpected event happened. When a girl who was a customer came to the front of the stage and said she wanted to touch the secret of Jazz.

In which the famous comedian has warned the mic But the other party still insisted on doing as he said. and reached out and stroked Jazz’s crotch. After that, the other guests in the restaurant cheered.

And later, one TIKTOK user posted the clip. This caused severe criticism of the inappropriateness of such actions.

Later, on the “Jang Punnasa” side, Jazz’s wife shared a message stating that “Learning to refuse yes learning to refuse yes Know how to say no. “… via IG story Many people are speculating that it could be related to what happened

Recently today (March 19, ’23), “Jang” has moved again. By posting a picture of yourself on Instagram with a message that explains the events that happened to her husband

“Good morning Sunday. Thank you for the concern from everyone, every journalist. Two days ago, he was not ready to say anything. Because it’s still hot Now it’s cooler, let me answer right away.

1. We work at night, we have seen many variations. But I didn’t think I’d come across this form and I’d say I’m very angry. I’m not just angry. Angry with Pee Jazz and the children in the team too, because when what happened Then we have to help each other as eyes and ears. in the younger case Called to explain since the day the video clip started spreading Sister called to apologise. Chaeng then asked for the details. such as what work said sister to sell stuff. And that day, I was very drunk, I don’t know. Well, don’t drink alcohol again if it makes you lose your consciousness. to bother others He asked why he didn’t take the story I’m sorry this time. Because you are a woman, you want to have a way to earn money. I believe.

2. Why didn’t P’Jazz refuse!! I just talked to you last night. answer that he was angry He spoke through the microphone many times. Sister didn’t stop. What stood out was that he was sarcastic. But I don’t think you will dare to do it! He said it was troubling. It’s an entertaining band. want everyone to have fun Insulting and saying it’s rude. If you don’t speak up, you’ll say he’s arrogant. He didn’t know what to do.

There was some instruction. Please let me not post details. Because Jang’s teachings were quite strict, he apologized and some of the team members who came to the house said that they would take better responsibility.

In this matter, both of them are wrong. not on her own husband’s side since the incident Let it be a lesson. A man that everyone loves A man who gave it to him, he thought. That place, I can only hold one person.”

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