The Witcher 3 Gets Next-Gen Support Updates in Q4 2022

On May 19 (local time), CD Projekt Red announced that the next-generation support update for The Witcher 3, which celebrated its 7th anniversary, is planned for Q4, 22nd.

Previously, CD Project Red had announced that it would carry out a next-generation support update that would enable smooth play of The Witcher 3 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5, but it entrusted the support update process to an outsourced company Saber Interactive. The application schedule had been postponed indefinitely.

However, CD Project Red recently tweeted that the Witcher 3 is celebrating its 7th anniversary, with plans for next-gen support updates for its latest consoles in Q4.

Additionally, CD Project Red added that The Witcher 3 will receive a free upgrade for users who own the latest version in their respective environments.

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