‘The Witcher 3’ next generation free update, what changes

Before next generation version update witch 3What will change? Developers CD Project RED (CDPR) revealed the change directly via video and released a new trailer together.

CDPR held its official live event, RED Stream Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, next generation version on the 24th Korean time. At the event, the game’s Interim Narrative Director Philip Weber and Engineering Director Charles Trembly appeared and explained the features and changes with a video.

In particular, various changes were revealed in detail for the broadcast, in addition to the previously announced graphics quality improvement and performance improvement.

First of all, a photo mode that helps you share your gameplay and characters in social spaces is included by default. Picture mode is essential in recent games, but in the case of The Witcher 3, it was only a function of supporting a graphics card or shooting through an external program. However, through the newly added photo mode, you can create scenes with different options such as depth of field, exposure, color temperature, saturation, and overlay.

A number of convenience elements were also revealed. During gamepad play, you can easily use the mark by pressing and holding the right trigger button and combining the buttons. A new map filter has been added, so you can remove the question mark and enjoy an exploration-oriented play. The size of the subtitles, which was difficult to read on a large screen, can also be adjusted directly by the player by sharing subtitles or NPC chat fonts during chat, and the size of the UI can be adjusted within a generous range . It is also possible to remove specific UI during inspection. An option to move the camera closer to Geralt and play closer to the solder point of view has been added, so you can enjoy a more thrilling game.

In the next generation console versions such as PS5 and Xbox Series X, a ray tracing mode is added that supports the operation of a light source more effectively, and in the performance mode, you can enjoy the game at a high frame rate that supports more movement natural. In the PC version, Ultra + graphics are newly provided for players with high PC specifications, making it possible to increase the overall quality of the game. AMD FSR2 and Nvidia DLSS are also supported.

An extended cloud save has also been added for users who enjoy playing games on different models or want to play new games on consoles by loading existing play content and playing games. Previously, cloud saves were only available in the PC and Switch versions.

CDPR is a next-gen update with a variety of newly released features, which will be available on December 14th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S, and existing Witcher 3 buyers can enjoy it for free.

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