The woman corrected the 6-year-old “who was not allowed to go into the girls’ bathroom”, and was scolded by the mother of the other party for half an hour… I restore the truth | International | QUANTITY

Clashes erupted after parents in Harbin, China took boys to the girls’ restroom. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

what would you do? A toilet located in a subway station in Harbin, China A few days ago, a boy’s parent took a boy into the women’s toilet, but was corrected by a woman. The boy’s mother felt that her son’s young heart had been hurt. , and she was so angry that she demanded an apology A conflict started between the two sides, causing a dispute.

The incident happened on January 30. The woman found a boy standing in the Harbin subway women’s toilet, so she reminded him: “This is the women’s toilet, boys can’t come in.” The boy’s mother thought that her son was still young, She was only 6 years old, and she asked, “Who said that children can’t go into the girls’ bathroom at such a young age?” The dumbfounded woman said, “The 6 year old is almost going to elementary school! You know?”

The boy’s mother was still very angry. He asked the girl to apologize, “Please forgive him, or none of us will be allowed to leave” and “Because you told him to cry”, but the girl refused. no one would let anyone else go, the woman insisted on not apologizing, which broke the boy’s mother’s line of reason, and cried hysterically: “You hurt my child, you hurt his heart, you know? You hurt him!”

The boy's mother kept shouting and demanding an apology from the girl.  (Photo / flip from Weibo)
The boy’s mother kept shouting and demanding an apology from the girl. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

After that, the robbed woman restored the process on Weibo, emphasizing that she did not have a violent boy from the beginning to the end, and did not use abusive words. When the boy’s mother heard, she immediately slammed the door: “What woman said my child?” That’s when the boy started to cry. Later, in addition to the boy’s mother, the boy’s father and another woman who was with her continued to abuse her for almost half an hour. As for the video, it’s only a short section, because she didn’t expect to be blocked for such a long time, “This is where I recorded it, and a man behind me watched my video and came to call my phone, so I hung up.”

The disgraced woman posted a message.  (Photo / flip from Weibo)
The disgraced woman posted a message. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

The video went viral on the Internet and sparked heated discussions. Netizens supported the woman tremendously, “A 6-year-old child can’t go to the men’s bathroom to pee alone?”, “It’s too ugly for a mother to do this”, “Since the child is the father is also nearby, so why didn’t the father take the boy to the men’s bathroom? This family’s behavior is very confusing!”, “6 years is not 6 months”, “Why can’t Dad takes it when he’s here? There’s still a problem with family education”.

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