The woman who cheated on her husband… A famous YouTuber who experienced a creepy thing in real time (video)

Sohn Bomhyang / Son Bomhyang Instagram

YouTuber Son Bom-hyang said that she was being stalked by a woman who had an affair with her husband.

On the 29th, on the YouTube channel ‘Son Bom-hyang’s Private Life’, an incestuous woman said, ‘I live in a nice house with my sister’, ‘I heard that the house I’m going to is a villa, is it okay?’, ‘There are many playgrounds here and it is neat’ claimed to have been sent to him.

‘Private Life of Son Bom-hyang’ YouTube

Son Bom-hyang said that the incestuous woman also went to the kindergarten where her daughter attended. In a chat window on a broadcasting channel, she said, ‘I went to kindergarten to see my child. Doesn’t she send children to kindergarten?’ From the description of Son Bom-hyang’s daughter as ‘our child’, the psychological state of the incestuous woman who is close to her stalking can be guessed.

Son Bom-hyang said, “There were even more creepy things,” and said that the incestuous woman posted a comment saying ‘902 Dong’ in the chat window of the broadcasting channel. The incestuous woman watched Son Bom-hyang’s broadcast near her home and posted comments in real time.

Son Bom-hyang said to the incestuous woman, “Are you really there? When you open the living room door, you immediately see Building 902. (Before) I saw you standing in the middle of Building 902 with a hat on.”

Sohn Bom-hyang has suffered from incestuous women. He revealed that in 2020 he received a text message from her incestuous woman saying that she was infertile and that ‘if you just divorce me, I will raise my child better than you’. Last year, she revealed that she received a threatening text message from her incestuous woman saying, ‘If I die, can you forgive me then?’

Son Bom-hyang is a famous YouTuber from North Korea. Born in Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province, he fled North Korea when he was ten, lived in China, and came to South Korea when he was 18. He said that he defected at a young age and lived in China for 8 years, so his memories of North Korea were nothing but suffering because he had nothing to eat. He married Huh in 2015 and had a daughter in 2017. In last year’s SBS Plus ‘You Can Tell Me To My Sister’, it was revealed that his husband had an affair after three years of marriage. He hasn’t stamped the divorce papers yet.

Bomhyang Son / Bomhyang Son broadcast video capture
Bomhyang Son / Bomhyang Son broadcast video capture

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