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The WordPress v5.6 version has been scaled down as development faces obstacles

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We know that the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted work around the world and most people right now work from home. This means that the production that was once possible will not be possible with the “new normal”. This applies to every field but we know it relates more to the software field. Speaking of software and WordPress, you need to be aware that there is a great version of the platform that we all love every year. Recently, WordPress pushed a big version update which was WordPress v5.5 and now we were all ready to get version 5.6 with all kinds of improvements and bug fixes.

However, it should be noted that the release of WordPress version 5.6 has been delayed from the original release date which was around December of this year. The delay in the release is due to production problems and the development of the version is not yet ready. It is also understood why there must be workforce problems as not everyone will be able to work from home during these times. It is also worth mentioning that we would have gutenberg 9.1 with this release, but that too will be delayed now.

The WordPress developers said they have “decided to remove the Gutenberg navigation screen as a goal for WordPress 5.6 and to focus on the Gutenberg widget screen functionality instead.” WordPress also said they need help testing their new features to release to most of the world using their CMS.

“This is an invitation to test this new feature. Report your GitHub findings in the Gutenberg repository as issues or in the comments below. “

As the deadline approaches, WordPress has decided to focus on what’s important and what can be completed on time this year.

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