The workforce management requested Ganguly to bowl at his ribs Akhtar with revelation ‘He was instructed to concentrate on Sourav Ganguly’s ribs’, Shoaib Akhtar

New Delhi: India-Pakistan cricket matches have usually been intense battles. The excitement is usually high even prior to the activity. Pakistani cricketer Shuhaib Akhtar has shared his recollections of this kind of a match. Akhtar shared his reminiscences of the 1999 Mohali ODI in a application organized by Star Sports.

Akhtar unveiled that he experienced been instructed to confront the Indian batsmen with short balls in the pre-match workforce meeting. He was also requested to bowl near to the players’ bodies. The instruction received was to target Ganguly’s ribs. He mentioned his goal was not to get Ganguly out.

Akhtar had also previously discovered that Ganguly is the bravest cricketer he has bowled with. Ganguly did not deviate from his quick pitched balls. Akhtar also stated that he scored operates on the balls fantastically.

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