The World Cup is busy! Being sued by the NACC Court investigating the SAT-NBTC for wasting money for private benefits

The World Cup is busy! Being sued by the court again Wasting money for the benefit of the private sector

On November 29, at the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). Srithanolos Thanon Mr file a complaint Mr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). On the issue of using state money to buy the rights to broadcast the live broadcast of the 2022 World Cup (final), but instead giving the right to broadcast to the private sector which is against authority

a Mr Trirat Wiriyasirikul Acting Secretary General of the national television and telecommunications business Broadcasting Commission (Acting Secretary General of the NBTC) on matters that contribute to the commission of crimes Until causing damage to the state and people

Mr Thanon said the money used by the SAT to buy the rights to broadcast the final broadcast of the 2022 World Cup received from the NBTC Part of it is state money. which should be allocated equally Fair and non-discriminatory According to the agreement with the NBTC, however, the TAS ceded all rights to one private entity (True Group), causing the licensees under supervision Other NBTCs cannot broadcast such games. affecting a wide range of illegal people and contrary to the intentions of NBTC which supports the budget

As for the NBTC, Mr. Trairat, who signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on supporting the cost of buying the rights to this World Cup. who would know the aims and conditions very well, but consent to an unfair agreement and indifferently ignore the actions of SAT sell rights benefiting only one private sector Until leading to problems that occur with millions of people who cannot watch this World Cup in accordance with the intention of providing budgetary support Thai people must watch for free. not only that Mr. Trirat’s actions does not protect the interests of the people Moreover, it encourages the crime of favoring the private sector as well.

Regarding the actions of the two complainants as shown above, he therefore asked the NACC to investigate the facts on this matter. That it is an offense under the provisions of various laws, such as the Act on Offenses by Employees in Government Establishments or Agencies, 1959, page 6, Offenses Concerning Solicitations to Government Agencies Act, BE .2542 Organic Act on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption Act 2018 or the Criminal Code

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