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As the Qatar 2022 World Cup kicks off, football themed coins such as the World Cup and football players have appeared one after the other. According to CoinMarketCap, a virtual asset analysis site, on the 22nd, Chiliz, a representative sports fan token, was the 4th most visited virtual asset in the last 24 hours. Considering that the 1st place Solana and 2nd place FTT are coins related to the bankruptcy of the FTX exchange, in fact, Chiliz received the most attention from investors along with Ethereum.

Chiliz is a project that connects blockchain technology with sports entertainment. It officially cooperates with top football clubs FC Barcelona, ​​​​Juventus FC, and Paris Saint-Germain FC, and investors can influence club decisions through each fan ticket purchased through Chiliz. The famous soccer player Lionel Messi acts as an ambassador for the Chiliz platform ‘Socios.com’.

Unlike most altcoins, which showed a fall, Chiliz has been steadily rising since last June, reflecting expectations of good news for the World Cup. Chiliz was not adversely affected by the FTX bankruptcy, and in November, before the opening of the World Cup, it began to show sudden volatility of more than 10% per day.

Fan tickets of national teams with a high chance of winning the World Cup, such as Portugal, Spain and Brazil, also attract attention. After surpassing 1,000 won for the first time in July, the Portugal national team Fan Token (POR) rose to over 9,000 won in November ahead of the World Cup. The Spanish National Team Fan Token (SNFT) also has a high volatility of 10% per day, and it is expected that the Fan Token price will continue to fluctuate in real time according to the performance of each team in the future World Cup tournament.

Algorand (ALGO), designated by FIFA as the official non-fungible token (NFT) issuer, is also set to benefit from this World Cup. Launch of NFT platform ‘FIPA Plus Collect’, which commercialized images related to the World Cup. The ‘Genesis’ digital group features videos that capture iconic and unique moments selected at random from past World Cups. In the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup final, Ronaldo’s Brazil national team’s second goal against Germany was produced as an NFT.

Crypto.com, a virtual asset exchange, is also one of the official sponsors of the Qatar World Cup. Visa (VISA), through Crypto.com, presents five legendary players in football history △Hared Borhetti (Mexico) △Tim Cahill (Australia) △Carly Lloyd (USA) △Michael Owen (England) △Maxi Rodriguez (Argentina ). Put NFTs up for auction. The winning bidder will also receive the uniform worn by the player in the game itself.

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