The World Health Organization (WHO) has said no deaths have been reported from Omicron WHO Says No Reports Of Omicron Covid Deaths Yet

Geneva: World Health Organization spokeswoman Christina Lindemier has said no deaths have been reported from Omicron. Information about Omicron is being collected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it is conducting large-scale tests to detect the Omicron variant.

Although Omicron cases have been reported, it is not the most common form of Kovid in the world. Currently, the Delta variant of Kovid is the most affected. Two weeks ago, restrictions were imposed in many countries. The economy closed and the lockdown was announced. Christmas markets closed in many parts of Europe. He explained that such measures were taken following the spread of the Delta virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it will take weeks to determine how widespread omega-3s are and whether the vaccine is effective. A spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) said that although the prevalence of omicron was high, it was still the newest variant we have seen.



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