Home Health The world must remember. People in Krapho sub-district, Surin province sit on the back of an elephant for the doctor to inject the covids.

The world must remember. People in Krapho sub-district, Surin province sit on the back of an elephant for the doctor to inject the covids.

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People in Krapho Subdistrict, Surin Province, the most elephant-raising area in Thailand Sit on the back of an elephant for the doctor to vaccinate.

from the outbreak of the corona virus or covic-19 that is currently spreading continuously. Causing the Center for Dissemination of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak to accelerate the distribution of vaccines to be injected to the public The risk group, known as the 608 group, consists of three main populations:

  • Elderly group aged 60 years and over
  • Patients with seven underlying diseases were chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, CKD, stroke, obesity, cancer and diabetes.
  • Group of pregnant women, gestational age 1 week or more

which in the area of ​​Surin Province It has been gradually vaccinated. to the people of the 608 group continuously during this period

Most recently, today (September 12) at Krapho Subdistrict, Tha Tum District, Surin Province, which is the area with the most elephant raising in Thailand. Tha Tum District Public Health Tha Tum Hospital have organized a team of doctors Issuing vaccinations to people Elderly group 608 in the area of ​​2 sub-districts at the Center for Education Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village From September 8-11, 2021, the first dose of vaccination was the sinovaccination vaccine. Two AstraZeneca needles of 1,500 doses, which include both the first injection and the second injection

And that creates a colorful, stress-relieving atmosphere for the elderly, the elderly, who are elephant herders. own an elephant With the vaccination on the back of an elephant for the world to remember, some people ride elephants to get vaccinated themselves. Some people let their children ride on elephants to vaccinate them. by doctors and nurses who will vaccinate must stand up and stand around the elephant house Then the mahout rides an elephant to compare. The doctor will give the vaccine.

People who sit on elephants come to vaccinate. There are Mr. Sirisak Ruampattana, Deputy Prime Minister of Surin Provincial PAO, and Mr. Prakit Klangpattana, former headman of Ban Ta Klang. Both of them are both mahouts and owners of many elephants. Other than that, there were many elderly people together. Ride an elephant to receive vaccination this time.

For COVID-19 Information Center, Surin Province Situation report of COVID-19, Surin Province (new wave, 26 June 2021), data between June 26, 2021 to September 11, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Found 13,931 cumulative confirmed cases, +150 new cases, 3,019 pending treatment. 584 cases (584 hospital cases) 10,863 cumulative recoveries (+176 new cases) 49 cumulative deaths (3 new cases) Prasat District 2 cases, Tha Tum District 1 cases Data as of September 11, 2021

vaccination part COVID-19 Vaccine Operation Surin Province Cumulative data from April 5 to September 9, 2021 Total vaccines 446,720 doses Sinovac 267,720 doses (26,148 doses remaining) AstraZeneca 170,600 doses (39,230 doses remaining) Pfizer 8,400 doses ( Remaining 1,032 doses) 39,071 doses have been vaccinated, the 1st dose of 261,241 patients, the 2nd dose of 128,435, the 3rd dose of 9,395 patients, and booster doses for health personnel and front line outposts.


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