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– The spokesman for the National Security Council of the United States, John Kirby, said: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s campaign of 300,000 troops is a sign that Russia is facing difficulties in the Ukraine war.

North Korea released a statement on September 22, saying it had never supplied Russia with weapons or ammunition. And there are no plans to do so in the future.

– Japan’s foreign ministry said The foreign minister of the G7 has confirmed that it will continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

– Japan intervened in the foreign exchange (FX) market for the first time since 1998 to tackle the fall of the Yen. After being pressured by the Bank of Japan (BOJ) to adopt a particularly accommodative monetary policy. In contrast to the faster tightening of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve (Fed), the spread of Japanese and US interest rates is widening even more.

— Mr. Pham Minh Tinh, the Prime Minister of Vietnam He came out to call on the Central Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to consider raising the policy rate Dong currency is the weakest in 29 years and emphasizes a cautious and flexible policy. to control inflation while promoting economic growth

The Swiss Federal Reserve raised its policy rate by 0.75% to 0.5% from -0.25% on Monday, aiming to curb inflation, which has climbed to a 30-year high.

– Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co, remained negative on cryptocurrencies during a statement to the US Congress on Wednesday (September 21), saying that it is no different from a decentralized chain sharing network.

– Hong Kong portal HK01 (HK01) cited sources today (September 22) that the Hong Kong government will lift enforcement of its hotel quarantine policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For all travelers in from the beginning of October After using such measures for more than two and a half years, it is expected that the Hong Kong government will announce the issue publicly next week.

— Mr. said. Lo Ping-sheng, Taiwan Cabinet spokesman: The Taiwanese government may lift the three-day quarantine for incoming travelers in mid-October. If the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 In Taiwan continues to subside. Like other countries in the region, Taiwan aims to reopen its borders to tourists.

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