The world was shocked! An appeal through Zelensky’s website asking for the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Ukraine

An appeal appeared on the official website of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last Thursday, asking for the deployment of US nuclear weapons in the country, a move that Kim Yo.-Jong, the powerful sister of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. share your opinion I believe the Kiev leadership has some information. and warned that it would bring misfortune to their own country and people.

“Using nuclear weapons of the United States in the territory of Ukraine Or turn Ukraine into a nuclear armed state itself,” said the authors of the appeal proposal.

until the end of the week The petition has already received the support of around 650 people, who demanded that President Zelensky be forced. review such appeals and respond formally; The appeal must be signed by 25,000 people within 90 days.

In the past, there was a letter of appeal offering nuclear weapons to Ukraine. It has appeared on the Ukrainian president’s website several times since 2015, but has never had enough co-signatories. for forcing the president to reconsider However, this time the situation was different. Because it happens in the middle of the Russian invasion. and Russia’s latest move to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Earlier, addressing a security forum in Munich, In February 2022, Zelensky had speculated that Kiev might have to reconsider their commitments under the Budapest Memorandum of Understanding 2994, which required Ukraine to renounce weapons nuclear. in exchange for a guarantee of security then later President Vladimir Putin has said that even technical nuclear weapons are present in Ukraine. It is considered a strategic threat to Russia.

various developments The above has been closely watched from all over the world, including Kim Yo-jong, the powerful sister of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. states that President Zelensky Bet on the future of Ukraine with the pursuit of nuclear weapons According to the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Saturday (April 1),

Yo-Jong commented on the appeal letter online. who demanded the use of US nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory or turning Ukraine into its own nuclear-armed state is open for signatures of support on Zelensky’s website At least 25,000 signatures are needed for the president to listen to the appeal .

Kim Yo-jong, a senior figure in the Labor Party Party that rules North Korea He defines the appeal letter as a cover for claims that it comes from the will of the people. but in fact It was not difficult to guess that it was the work of Zelensky’s staff. and a political ploy.

She talks about the time when the Ukrainian president was open about his nuclear ambitions. Before the conflict with Russia erupted in February last year. Among them was a security conference in Munich. It happened just days before Moscow launched a military operation.

“By hitting nuclear cards, Zelensky tried to prolong the last days. the rest of his life, betting everything on the fate of his country and his own people. No matter how expensive it is to pay for it,” KCNA news agency. Quoting the words of Yo-Jong “If Selensky calculates that they can avoid a heavy attack by Russia only under the nuclear umbrella of the United States. which has been pierced They are walking to down the wrong path. and that would be the last path.”

for North Korea They are also a nation that has nuclear weapons. and is subject to heavy international sanctions. because of their military nuclear program

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary at the Kremlin Palace Said on Friday (March 31) that the move on the nuclear issue in Ukraine It is a dangerous trend and a threat that Russia cannot ignore.

(Source: TasNews/RTNews/Agency)


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