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The world’s first country! Cuba to vaccinate 2-year-olds from coronavirus

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Cuba starts vaccinating against COVID-19 to 2-year-olds, becoming the world‘s first country with self-made vaccines and has not been approved by the World Health Organization. The goal is to inject all children in the country first.

Today (7 Sept. 20) AFP reported that Cuba became the first country in the world. initiating vaccination against COVID-19 to the youngest children aged 2 to 11 yesterday (September 6) local time. in the city of Sianvegos in the central part of the country With Cuba’s self-developed anti-COVID vaccine But has not been certified by the World Health Organization or WHO on Friday. Cuba starts vaccinating children against coronavirus By starting the injection for children aged 12 years and over as the first group.

There are many other countries Other countries that have announced plans to start vaccinating young children are China, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates, but not as small as two years old. already Most start at the youngest age of 12, but Chile only started vaccinating children as young as 6 until 12 yesterday, the same day as Cuba. The vaccine for younger children Still in the injection trial stage

The Cuban government aims to vaccinate all children in the country first. so that students will be able to go to school for the first time This is expected in October or November. After having to close all schools in the country since March 2020, or almost a year and a half due to the heavy coronavirus outbreak But Cubao started the first day of semester yesterday (September 6) but is learning through television. Because most homes in Cuba don’t have internet access.

However, two Cuban coronavirus vaccines given to children, Abdala and Soberana, are the first of two coronavirus vaccines to be produced in the country. latin american It has not been approved by the World Health Organization or WHO.

Cuban self-produced coronavirus vaccine using protein cutting technology Made from viral genetic material, recombinant protein is the same technology used by US companies Novavax and France’s Sanofi to produce vaccines against the coronavirus. and is still pending WHO approval. Vaccines produced with this technology Unlike the coronavirus vaccine produced with other technologies, it does not require refrigeration.

Despite being a relatively closed country due to its communist regime and also an island country and can develop their own vaccines But the coronavirus outbreak in Cuba is no less than the latest cumulative total of more than 696,904 confirmed cases, and half of these deaths are 5,788. Died in August just a month ago. After the coronavirus outbreak in Cuba There has been an increase in violence in the past few months. Cuba has a population of 11.2 million people.

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