The world’s first SMS turned into NFT successfully sold a sentence of “Merry Chrismas” sold for 1.17 million yuan-Hong Kong

Recently, British telecommunications company Vodafone made the world’s first SMS into a non-homogeneous NFT token. In an auction in France, it was successfully sold for US$150,000 (approximately HK$1.17 million), and the proceeds will go to charity use.

This short message was sent on December 3, 1992, when Neil Papworth, a programmer at the British telecommunications company Vodafone, sent it on his computer and sent it over the 2G network. The recipient was Richard Jarvis, the chairman of Vodafone at the time, and the content was only One sentence: “Merry Chrismas”. This time they converted this SMS into a non-homogeneous NFT token. The owner can declare the ownership of the NFT in the blockchain.

The SMS will be sealed in a digital photo frame, and its code and SMS content will be displayed. The proceeds from the Vodafone auction will be donated to the UN refugee agency to support and assist refugees who have been displaced due to various reasons.



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