The world’s smallest newborn baby; Weight 212 g, length 24 cm | siraj daily

Singapore | The world’s smallest newborn baby has been discharged from hospital after 13 months of care. Quake Yu Shwan was born on June 9 last year at the National University Hospital in Singapore. The baby weighed 212 grams at birth. Doctors said Yushwan was about the size of a large apple and weighed 24 centimeters.

The baby was born in the 25th week of pregnancy. Doctors expected Yushwan, who was born four months earlier, to weigh 400 grams more than expected. Her skin was very thin. Hospital officials said he could only be touched and treated with great care.

The breathing tubes were too small. In addition, the nurses cut and adjusted the diapers to her size. The drugs given to Yushwan were also very small. After 13 months of treatment at the National University Hospital with excellent care, the child weighed 6.3 kg. It is reported that Schwan and his family later left the hospital.


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