The worst food at the Minnesota State Fair is the waffle Amy Klobuchar

The worst food at the Minnesota State Fair is the waffle Amy Klobuchar

The trial trial, conviction, and execution of the US presidential campaign S. senior Minnesota were heard as in-house reporters (read: sunburned and bloated) passed their campaign booth on Thursday evening. We would like to try the new foods. It turns out that the smallest digestive dish was playing out of the earshot.

To complete the story, the young man asked about Amy paused looking in the direction of her booth in context. "I don't know," he said.

"Should we ask someone?" said the first young man.

(Was not.)

This would be damning if Klobuchar was, beamed, into living rooms New Hampshire and on Good Morning America. Eligible voter asking "Who is Amy Klobuchar?" at the State Fair in Minnesota, it is a danger of death that puts a little smell on a corn dog.

The reports told Star Tribune, Klobuchar, referring to the next debate conducted by the Democratic candidate, that she was "doing the playoffs," and "the Super Bowl has won the team of wild cards six times. "

This means that it would be difficult for these subordinate teams to win if the fourth cruise came back, and instead they would have good ways and praise, and He'd had a way he could wear them all, but he missed that choice because of the unexpected circumstance he got sacked 12 seconds ago.

On Thursday, the local comedian Brandi Brown (who earlier saw co-funded with people who left them suspicious) went ahead with the establishment of the Klobuchar presidency with one goal: Get Klobuchar to say if Minnesota is better off than Iowa. When it was planted in Iowa, Amy's duck was so complete and surprised that she was not thrown out to compete in some kind of "best bouncy" competition.

Maybe she'd tell Minnesotans.

Checking, this is becoming sad. Klobuchar voted around 0-1 per cent these days, and is not even mentioned in most campaign analyzes. Isn't it time to choose the bullet to move and flat fucking?

Hell, tell us that you are kidnapping away to Guam Island Micronesia Fair and that these shows are better, the people are present more convenient and attractive, and you are "sick of white people." Politically, it would be easier to swallow than this neck.

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  • In response to easy questions.


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