The worst name for your home in Florida ...!

When Ron DeSantis goes on to meet the National Governing Body's meeting and his colleagues to challenge him for a Best Nomination competition, they want to look better.

DeSantis could be a rookie governor, but he would have a lot of time when he comes to the state of his crown with the named town.

Certainly, Kentucky's Life of Matt Bevin Muc can be spent. But Pigs could see DeSantis and Flamingo, Possum Bluff and Dogbone.

Although Floridians received a confession, it may be time to return when Idaho Gov spends. Brad Little must cross Beer Bottle and Slickpoo.

When it comes to home names, there is a lot of information. Prefer to pick the fool out of thousands of American oddball premises. It would be very difficult to have the best fool in each state.

The website Trial it a few years ago. It has come up with some good ones, although you have to be amazed at how hard researchers looked.

After all, he said that Ohio is the shorter home name. In full respect for Confidence, Pee Pee Township citizens agree to where the place is in place.

For the worst home name in Florida, Estately le spuds.

That is a broad unincorporated spot on the St. John's Road. Again, researchers had to spend a lot of time studying their state atlas.

It is a central element of a mysterious Curious, and it's quite clear when Spuds got the name. People take a lot of potatoes in the area.

(In this way, we do not want to know how Pee Township has got his name).

But Florida has many sanitary towns that surprise you how H-E-Double Cars (Hell, Mich, and Hell, Cal.) Have received their names.

We will give you Fluffy Landing, Single Cabbage, Needmore, Walk Whisper, Early Bird, Tobacco Patch Landing, Deadman Landing, Sopchoppy, Ocheesee, Cosmo, Watergate, Wilbur-by-the-Sea, Howey-in-the-Hills, Festus, Lulu , Waldo, Mayo, Picnic, Couch and Chaires.

What, without Table?

But the multi-annual one-scratcher is an unincorporated burg in Jackson County.

Two Eggs, Florida.

As with many places, nobody is sure about how the name came. According to the book "Florida Weird: Your Travel Guide for Local Florida Legends and Best Sealing Secrets," there are some theories with Two Eggs.

One is someone who dropped a few eggs in the middle of the road for a while ago, and name the name.

Another is that one of her children's wife got into the home with two eggs, trying to trade them for some snuff and tile.

Yes, to stand.

It is the most accepted theory that Will Williams, a farmer who had had 57 children, had had 57 children, and put a couple of children into the home to do some goods.

They went to the store in general with two eggs and traded for some candy. He saw a travel vendor and decided to start the place Two Eggs.

In fact, it is a shame that the second story is not legit. They may name the home of Snuff and Weasel, Fla.

Now, it would be difficult to hit any controller.

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