The worst power outage in the US cold wave fatalities… “No water to drink”

Insufficient water supply even for power failure recovery
It seems that it will take some time to confirm additional deaths.

[아시아경제 뉴욕=백종민 특파원] Nearly 60 people died from a cold wave in the southern United States, mainly in Texas. The cold has eased, but the number of deaths is expected to increase over time. The blackout has been resolved, but this time the residents are still suffering due to lack of water.

The Associated Press reported on the 19th (local time) that at least 58 people were killed in the cold wave in Texas and all over the United States.

Emergency bottled water is being distributed in Houston, Texas. [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스]

There were many cases of death due to hypothermia due to cut off heating or carbon monoxide poisoning while using gas appliances in confined spaces such as garages or cars. There have also been several deaths from car accidents and fires on ice.

Although the temperature in Texas has recovered to normal levels, it is expected to drop below freezing again this evening, and further damage is also a concern.

Vehicles are lined up to receive rations for drinking water. [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스]

Vehicles are lined up to receive rations for drinking water. [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스]

The current number of deaths is not accurate. Due to the long distance between houses and the large number of suburban residents in the United States, it is common for the death to be confirmed late. The Washington Post (WP) predicted that the next week when the weather clears, the police and other administrative authorities will check whether residents are safe, and that additional deaths could be confirmed in the process.

In Texas, which saw the worst power outages, most of the power has been restored, but water and food are still hard to find.

The Electrical Reliability Commission (ERCOT), which operates the Texas power grid, said the power system had returned to normal today. Of the 12.5 million households, only 140,000 have no electricity. The largest outage in Texas reached 4.5 million households.

Drive-in drinking water distribution is taking place. [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스]

Drive-in drinking water distribution is taking place. [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스]

Electricity is back, but this time the water supply is a problem. Many people are suffering from drinking water due to the freezing of water pipes and failure of water treatment facilities.

Texas officials said water supplies to 1.4 million people in 160 counties had been shut down.



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