The wrong national anthem was broadcast ︱Another mistake in the game of rugby in Asia

There was another mistake in the live broadcast of the Asian Sevens, where at one point the Hong Kong team was given a Sri Lankan logo. (Video screenshot)

Asian Rugby Sevens, another mistake. During the live broadcast on the official website of the Asia Rugby Union during the United Arab Emirates match held today (26th), between Hong Kong and Malaysia, the logo of the Hong Kong Rugby Union was mistakenly planted on the logo of the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee. However, the correct logo was replaced after the meeting.

After the wrong national anthem was broadcast and the name of the national anthem was marked incorrectly, the Asian Rugby Federation was accused of making a mistake again. In the match between Hong Kong and Malaysia, it mistakenly used the symbol of Sri Lanka like Hong Kong for about 10 seconds. And after the meeting, it was quickly corrected. The Hong Kong team defeated their opponents 38:7 in the game.

The Asian Rugby Federation once went to Hong Kong to apologize for an incorrect broadcast of the national anthem earlier, and said similar incidents will not happen again, and said the chances of making mistakes again are close to zero.

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